living in a household with girls
3 Chapter three: Caught!?
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living in a household with girls
Author :simba16
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3 Chapter three: Caught!?

@@Jayson thows Amelia on the bed and starts kissing her neck and running his hand up and down her thigh, craving his touch and much more. He teases her by rubbing the head of his penis around the entrance of her vagina making me beg for what she wants."Your not such a 'mean' chick are you, you just act like one" Jayson says as he slowly enters inside me. she moans at the pleasure of his big dick enters Amelia , "Y-Yes i only act mean" she says while trying to hold back the moans as he thrusts fast and hard making sure to drive her crazy by playing with her clit at the same time. "Hearing you moan because of me is such a big turn on you know" he says as he thrusts hard, "R-Really?" Amelia says while letting out the moans that she was trying to hold back. "I-IM C-CUMMING!" Amelia says while beginning to loose her soul from the emense pleasure, "I am too" Jayson replys as he continues to fasten the pace of his thrusts and playing with her red swollen clit harder and faster. Two loud moans escape their mouths as they both cum at the same time. Jayson pulls out and lyes next to Amelia, both of them trying to catch their breath while staring at the roof above them, then they both spring up as they hear somones footsteps outside the door...Could it be Jaysons aunt Jane or someone else?



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