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12 30 minutes!?
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Universal Creator
Author :3DImmortal
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12 30 minutes!?

A 'face' is a 2D shape that makes up one surface of a 3D shape, an 'edge' is where two faces meet and a 'vertex' is the point or corner of a geometric shape.

A 3D mesh is the structural construction of a 3D model consisting of polygons. 3D meshes use reference points on the X, Y and Z axes to define shapes with height, width and depth. The meshes are constituted by vertex, edges, and faces.



A new user has obtained the system. The test has been completed without errors, all missions have been completed... Test records will be reviewed... The system used 55% of the dimensional energy to teleport the test users to the dimension of the devotion of rank E.

The system detected a dimensional C-rank creature that attempts to interfere with the teleportation of the user who completed the test. The system was forced to use the remaining dimensional energy to resist the interference... The system successfully resisted the interference... the teleportation of the user was achieved.

Analyzing the reason why there is a creature of rank C in a dimension of rank E... The system finished the analysis... There is an unstable dimensional portal that presents unknown changes. The system calculates a 99% probability that the unstable dimensional portal can now be connected with high-rank dimensions.

The ability of the 'Creator' given to the user to use it in the test will be eliminated until the user meets the conditions to use it again.

Dimensional energy: 5%

The review of the records is complete.

The user's body has the following serious problems: the user lost a limb in the test, several broken bones, external wounds, blood loss is too high, the user's body is dying; Therefore, immediate measures are required to save the user.

The system does not know to repair a carbon-based organic body... The system will read the user's memories to find possible solutions... A branch of knowledge compatible with the system has been found in the user's memories.

Knowledge of 3D animation without range will be improved to the limit... Finished... 3D animation has been improved to the S rank, 3D animation has multiple branches of knowledge, the organic modeling branch will be used to repair the user's body.

Starting the repair of the user's body.

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Kayle's body is floating in a space that seems to have no limits on its size; probably only astronauts and divers will understand the sensation of floating in a place where it is not possible to see an end. The surroundings of the space have an unlimited number of colors, there are millions of particles of a single color that come together to form what looks like a mini galaxy, there are many mini galaxies of different colors: White, dark green, light green, red, etc., although instead of being mini galaxies, they are really dimensional portals.

Kayle is covered by a green light shaped like a capsule. Kayle's sleeping body that seems to be floating without moving in space is actually moving at a terrifying speed through the space where him is, without the green light around Kayle, it is very likely that due to the high speed, his body ends up becoming in particles that will end up joining a random dimensional portal.

Suddenly white lines appear on the outer surface of Kayle's body, the lines form a grid of different colors, in the center where 4 lines are connected there is a yellow dot, if Kayle were awake and saw his body, he would know immediately that the lines, the grid and the points on his body are actually faces forming a mesh, edges, and vertex that are normally used in 3D!

The area where Kayle's arm should be has no edges, but the edges grow slowly from Kayle's right shoulder creating cylinder-shaped faces, in just a few seconds the edges grow to form an arm: the arm has no flesh or bones, it is just a mesh with many arm-shaped faces, so a green light appears around the arm made of edges and vertex. When the light disappears, Kayle's severed arm is whole as if it had never been cut!

After the system created a new arm for Kayle, the mesh on his body presents some changes: there are different colors in the parts where he is injured, in the wounds the faces are orange, where Kayle should have some broken ribs there are red faces and the rest of the faces of his body that have no wounds are blue.

All faces that are not blue glow green, when the brightness disappears, the faces that were once orange and red turn blue. As such, Kayle's wounds disappear completely.

What seems like it took a long time, actually happened in less than 1 minute. With Kayle's body in optimal conditions, a blue portal soon appears in the distance, the speed at which Kayle's body moves increases substantially and enters the blue portal.


Kayle's eyelids tremble softly, he's trying to keep sleeping, but he feels something heavy in his stomach that prevents him from breathing well. Kayle tries to push with his right hand what is pressing his stomach.


"Auuch!" Kayle retracts his hand quickly, he woke up immediately due to the pain he feels in his hand. With wide eyes, he looks around his with fear and alertness, Kayle sees a very familiar roof. Suddenly, a white hairy figure with black spots appears in his field of vision, he sees a pair of green eyes with vertical pupils who look at him with curiosity.

"N-Nino?" He looks at his cat Nino with a perplexed look. Kayle remembers something that makes his face pale immediately, he looks at his right arm and sees that it is there without a single scratch "...Do I have my arm?" Kayle looks at his hand and sees a bite mark from which some blood comes out. He even feels that his body doesn't hurt anywhere. He quickly ignores the bite mark that Nino made on his hand since his mind is somewhere else.

Kayle remembers that he completed the system test, he also remembers the people who were with him in that test, Jacob, Lily, Adam, and Ryan.

"So I was the only one to get out of that terrifying place alive..."

With a sigh, he rises from the ground. His room is still the same, a large bedroom with room for 3 people, several astronomy posters stuck on the walls, since he likes astronomy a lot, as Jacob liked... Stop thinking about it and look at his clothes tattered. He approaches a rather tall closet next to his bed and takes out some clothes. He takes off all the clothes he is wearing and throws it in a corner of the room "I also have no injuries anywhere in my body!" Kayle says looking at his body in confusion.

Kayle looks in the mirror after putting on the clothes he took from the closet, he sees that his appearance remains the same: his black hair is still as long and messy, his eyes also remain black, have not changed color; Why does Kayle look at the color of his eyes? That's because he remembers Lily and her constant color change in her eyes. His skin is still pale white due to the lack of sunlight, his thin body has not yet changed, it is not that he does not eat well, only that no matter how much food he eats, he never gets fat! Then he realizes that he lost his glasses in that place, but he still doesn't understand why he can see so well without his glasses.

"Toc Toc!"

He hears that someone knocks on the door of his room, Kayle thinks that it is likely that a member of his family is worried about him, since he does not know how long he has been in that place, although there are times when he does not leave his room for a few hours because he is modeling without stopping, it is still abnormal if many hours have passed without showing signs of life.

He approaches the door with quick steps and opens it. There is a very pretty young woman who looks at him with a frown, she has short, straight and black hair, her eyes are brown and her skin is white with a little pink that gives the feeling of looking very healthy. Kayle recognizes her immediately, she is his aunt Elena, although she seems to be in her 20 years old, he knows that she is 35 years old, only that his family has very good genes for women, since all the women in her family take a long time to show signs of aging, it would be fine if that was all, but for 5 years there was a breakthrough in almost all fields of medicine, many anti-aging medications have gone on the market making people look younger than they really are.

"Why do you look at me like that?" Elena asks, frowning, even more, sees that Kayle is looking at her in a somewhat strange way.

Kayle looks at his aunt Elena with a sad look, he feels that he will cry at any moment. For a long time he has been trying to remain calm, he even did everything possible to avoid showing weakness in that place, he has never been brave he is quite shy since he came to that place and saw that monster with organs in its body. He wanted to vomit, shout and run away without thinking about anything. Kayle tries to control his emotions and says with a smile "It's nothing, Ah! I remember you asked me to go to the supermarket to buy a large bottle of your favorite shampoo, right? I'm sorry, I left you waiting for more than 3 hours or it can even be much more than that... "

He remembers that 10 minutes before falling asleep and waking up in that place. His aunt Elena asked him to go to the supermarket to buy a shampoo since she had to bathe to get out quickly to a job interview, Kayle doesn't understand how his aunt Elena is always so relaxed with her job interviews, for years he remembers that his Aunt Elena has been going to job interviews, but no company hires her! And the worst part is that she should have been prepared to go to the interview very early, but she always waits for the last half hour to bathe and prepare.

The thing is that he planned to use 5 minutes to try to finish his model of a sword, then go to the supermarket... until that system forced him to go to that nasty and scary place.

Elena raises an eyebrow "What nonsense are you talking about? 30 minutes ago I asked you to buy my shampoo and you're still here... Hurry up and go to the supermarket that I don't want to be late for my interview again!" She says with an angry expression "Really, you should also try to get a job, you spend it all day on that computer and I never see you make money!"

Kayle sees that she walks away leaving him with a lost look, he is not sure if I listen well to his aunt "30 minutes?" He turns his body and hurriedly watches the time on his computer.

On the computer, it's 3:32 p.m. May 2025.

"What's going on?" Kayle can't believe it's only been 30 minutes! He clearly remember that before going to that place it was 2:57 pm!


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