Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled!
391 Chapter 383: The shadow looms once again!
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Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled!
Author :_Ramzey_
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391 Chapter 383: The shadow looms once again!

"You've got to be kidding me, why is the Imperial Overseer here?"

Ang Busheng and Ang Busano were scared out of their wits when the identity token flashed and revealed who the other party was.

Who in the Jiu Empire hadn't heard of the exploits of their newly inaugurated Imperial Overseer?

Defeating an immortal that descended from the world above the Heavens during his coronation.. the rumor was spread like wildfires being blown by typhoons!

At first, they thought it to be merely exaggerations as there were no recordings from that event, but now that they experienced how their Imperial Overseer had easily handled that mysterious and powerful foot and turned it into a pile of metal right in front of their eyes..

They dare not think twice on the authenticity of the rumor anymore!

It was all true!

"It seems that you are called Wang Feng. Tell me, how did someone like you turn into this pile of mess?" Duan Li asked curiously.

When Wang Feng heard this, his long-held frustrations and indignance on his clan coupled with his now destroyed bandit cavalries after many years of building them from the ground up finally burst open like a broken dam.

"Your Excellency, I've been wronged!" he cried out emotionally.

Wang Feng then told the entire story to Duan Li, and only after listening to it all that Duan Li finally understood.

"I see, you are not satisfied with the Red and Blue Concordat Treaty, so you defied your Wang Clan and the previous Emperor, causing you to be exiled and was left to wander the wilds.." Duan Li shook his head in pity.

"I understand now. However, you could've made your own clan given your powers and previous contributions if you so choose and claim a land to settle. So there are no excuses for you to recruit murderous and treacherous bandits like them under your banner!" said Duan Li sternly as he pointed at both Ang Busheng and Ang Busano who were now cowering on the ground, afraid to even breath loudly.

"I'm desperate.." Wang Feng replied with a heavy voice before he continued, "If I were to start a new clan, it would be decades to even form the initial foundation. Besides, they will not have the natural traits that I desire for my clan which are bashful and brave! How then will I lead them to fight against the Wang Clan for what little land they have after the damned treaty?"

"Therefore, I turned to recruit bandits as they are wild and hot-blooded, closer to my taste. I've subjugated them by myself and made them work under me as the East Bandit Coalition force which comprises of seven bandit groups in the East. It was because of this that the Jiu Empire experiences less attacks on the trade routes between villages in recent years compared to before!"

Hearing this, Duan Li quickly connected with Utmost Being in the Imperial Palace so that he could find out the truth. It didn't take long for his clone to reply to him.

It turns out that what Wang Feng had told him was indeed the truth!

In the region where the East Bandit Coalition reign, there were only several instances where the trade routes were attacked.

But if that were the case, then how did they still survive? Bandits only banded together because of one common goal they shared which was banditry!

Therefore, it didn't make sense for these bandits to not only dissolve, but instead grew stronger under one banner!

To put this into another perspective, it was similar to how a piece of bread could only feed so many people at once. If bandits stopped doing banditry work, they wouldn't have anything to eat and die out!

Duan Li then beckoned with an authoritative voice towards the two cowering bandits, "So, you two must also be working under Wang Feng. I don't believe that you bandits are not robbing people anymore. Tell me how you guys operate."

"Yes! We Red Sands bandit, after joining the East Bandit Coalition, has conducted ourselves to proper banditry ethics! When we strike, we will only kill those who resist, leaving those who surrendered alone. We take what we need which are mostly money for raising our army! Other than that, we never involve ourselves with degenerative acts!" Ang Busheng answered.

"Bullsh*t!!" Fei Longwei suddenly interjected with an angry bellow.

"When we came here the other day, you bandits were slaughtering the villagers and wanted to sell the women and children away!" shouted Fei Longwei, and Wei Shang nodded to this statement!

They both, along with Cucko witnessed the cruelty of the bandits murdering the villagers that night!

"Yes, I've also heard this report directly from them through Cucko before. What do you have to say for yourselves now?" Duan Li's voice turned cold. This was the last chance he will give them to explain themselves.

Even Wang Feng's face darkened when he heard this, "Ang Busheng, Ang Busano, is this true?!"

He had clearly told them which lines they shouldn't cross no matter what, and attacking villages were one of the things that he forbid them to do!

"W-Wait! There must be a mistake! We never attacked any villages! This was our first time coming here!" Ang Busheng turned panic before looking at his older brother for help.

"My brother is right! If you guys don't believe us, you can check the corpses of our kin there! All of us Red Sands bandit has a tattoo mark on our left shoulder like this!" Ang Busano pointed to the poorly made tattoo on his left shoulder that looked more like the doodle of a three years old.

Seeing this, both Fei Longwei and Wei Shang frowned.

Indeed, when they cleared the bodies of the bandits attacking the Spring Blossom village before, they never saw such an ugly tattoo like that on their left shoulder. Otherwise, they would've noticed it if everyone has such an atrocities!

"W-We only rob the traders when we are in need of supplies such as medicine and weapons, and that job is given to us, Red Sands bandit, by Great Leader Wang Feng here as its easier to rob people in this region.. As for how we survive, the Green Knife Bandit group are in charge of subsistence farming elsewhere, and they provide rations to all the other six bandit groups of the East Bandit Coalition.." Ang Busheng took this opportunity to explain.

"Oh? So that's why when we raided some of the bandits den, there were some lands around it full of vegetables and fruits! So this is the case!" Zhang Liao and Lu Bu said in realization.

They previously thought that the bandits were occupying farmlands, but they were actually the farmers themselves!

Duan Li and the rest were taken aback by this revelation.


Are these people doing banditry as their part-time job now for some quick cash instead of making it their main vocation?

The more we look into this matter, the more they appeared like an organized crime syndicate instead!

"It must be the bandits from the West region intruding on our territory!" Wang Feng suddenly said, attracting the attention of everyone.

"Explain." Duan Li commanded.


"A Celestial? Are they stronger than the immortals?" Wang Dong said feeling both curious and excited.

Everywhere in the legends and myths of the Tian continent, Immortals were said to be the zenith of cultivation!

Now that he heard that there was something even beyond that, how could he not get excited?

This was also the same for everyone around him! They were intrigued with this new horizon!

"Most probably so. Imagine being defeated without your opponents lifting so much as a finger on you!" the Elder Lich said as he shook his head in helplessness with a deep sigh when he recalled that moment.

"Hang on, before that, do you have a name?" Shen Murong suddenly asked.

"Ah.." the Elder Lich was surprised before cupping his chin, "Let's see, what was my name again? Its been so long that I could barely remember.. was it Ainz-something? Oh no, that's the name of another person.. was it Lin?"

Seeing the other party was troubled over trying to remember his own name, Wei Wang scribbled on the air with his spiritual Qi, "Can we just call you Elder Lin then?"

"Oh! That works! You can call me that! Now, continuing on the story, the One Emperor is-" Elder Lin was just about to continue his story-telling when he suddenly paused.

"You think you can hide from me in my domain? Come out." Elder Lin turned towards a certain direction before a sinister laughter echoed out.

"Hahahaha! To think that someone like you has now become someone else's lap dog.. isn't this an interesting turn of event?"

Amidst the shadow, a silhouette appeared vividly. This person was wearing a dark black robe with the symbol of a new moon on his back.

The Dark Sect!



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