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The strongest bounty hunter!
Author :godofwebnovel
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2 My arrival

@@Zheng: system where am I

I can't tell you that because I only have access to the knowledge that you have. And you can't remember the old episodes of one piece anymore

Zheng: FUCK

Zheng: Whatever, system what can you do?

sytem: At the moment I can only give you one skill and one artifact. But I can also store things for you

Zheng: ok then i wan't the bossted gear from High school dxd and i want the skill shunpo from Bleach

System: The technick and the artifact will now merge with the host, this can lead to extreme pain

When Zheng heard this, he immediately cleched his fist in order to withstand the incoming pain , but surprisingly, he did not feel much pain at all and it only took 10 minutes to merge

After this zeng said: I thought it shoud be painfuel.

system: Because of your past, I have found out that you are already used to feel pain that is far above the human limit.

Zheng said: hmm can you see my entire Past.

System: no only about 10% of what you have experienced I can't see more of it because my instincts are preventing me from seeing the other 90% as even I can experience a trauma of it

Because of this reply, Zheng gave up an deadly aura and asked the system: What will happen to you when i die ?

sytem; I would die too

zheng laughed and said: if you look at more than 10% of my past I will kill myself and Shoud know what will then happen too you

before the system could reply Zheng said: Well, I do not want to argue with you, I better start training



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