The miner
39 Training
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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39 Training

Haru had called the little black blob Blacky.

"Blacky, jump!"

The blob made a small jump with its elastic black rubbery structure.

Haru tossed a steel ball into the body of the blob.

"Blacky, roll!"

The blob turned into a ball and began to roll.

Another metallic marble little ball was launched by Haru.

"Blacky, right!"

The blob moved to the right and then ate the marble launched by Haru.

Haru put a sword and an iron bar in front of the blob.

"Blacky, this, No!" Pointing to the sword.

"This, Yes!" Pointing to the iron bar.

The blob immediately rushed to the iron bar and dissolved it in an instant.

"Good boy, Blacky!" Haru launched yet another metallic ball.

Haru was training Blacky treating him like a puppy, at every right action, he would give a reward, a steel ball, used mostly inside the wheels of the wagons.

This training served to Blacky to distinguish the things he could eat and the forbidden metal objects.

Haru did not want the blob to eat its disk or the ring.

It was a long, constant and tiring training that lasted ten days.

The black blob ate about five kilos of metal a day, was not fussy with his food, he could eat any metallic object, even rusty ones.

"Blacky, come let's go!" Haru made a gesture and immediately the little blob jumps and surrounds Haru's stomach, also Lilly jumped and with the long tail, she surrounded Haru's neck.

Haru went to the armory, he needed metal objects or iron bars.

"Old, I need broken weapons and metal scraps, everything of metal!"

Noah looked frightened at the blob surrounding Haru and then said.

"Stupid brat! You become every day more and more stupid! You know what animal you're wearing? This is a monster of mine, very dangerous!"

Haru answered. "He's just a puppy, he's never hurt me! Old, tell me everything you know about the monsters of mine."

The blacksmith Noah started talking. "This is a story of many years ago."

"In an old iron mine there were some big black blobs attached to the walls, usually when they reach a certain age the blobs hibernate for many years and they do not move in. A group of miners wanted the iron mine and they sent more than sixty hunters to kill the blobs, swords, spears, all tickled the blobs attached to the walls.

Some hunters decided to use the fire to kill the blobs, sprinkled the bodies of the blobs with easily flammable liquids.

The bodies of the blobs were burned and with the pain, they were awakened by their long sleep.

In the mine, hell broke loose, thousands of metal points pierced all hunters, rods, black tips pierced the armors of the hunters, that looked like sheets of paper.

All the hunters were nailed to the walls with numerous black javelins, a bloodbath. There were only two survivors, one he lost one eye and one leg, the other only one arm.

Nobody came closer any more to the mine. The monsters of mine are peaceful but if they are provoked they will unleash the hell! "

Haru said. "I understand old, I'll try not to make the blob angry, I need metal objects, give me all the scraps you have."

The old man gave Haru a lot of scraps and metal pieces and then he said.

"Get out of my shop right away before infecting me with your stupidity!"


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