The miner
38 Hunger
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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38 Hunger

The black blob moved slowly in the narrow cage and seemed to have no strength, Haru was trying to open the cage to give the blob a little milk as he had done with Lilly.

Suddenly the little blob turned into a sphere. a ball full of sharp points.

The tips completely destroyed the small wooden cage and the black blob rushed against Haru covering it with its gelatinous black mass.

Haru thought. "Damn, I'm dead!"

Contrary to Haru's thoughts, his body did not receive any wounds, the sword always present at his side melted like butter inside the body of the blob and even the metal buckle of the trouser belt had suffered the same fate.

The blob madly pounced on every metal object.

He was about to enter the small leather bag, where Haru kept his disk.

Haru, who had been thrown to the ground, got up and managed to shake off the still weak blob.

"Wait up, stop, stop!"

Haru took the first metal object within reach, a tin basin and threw it in front of the hungry blob.

The blob immediately covered the basin with its black body and the basin soon disappeared.

Haru took out new metal objects, a knife, a large pot, anything close at hand.

The blob devoured everything and then emitted a strange sound, like a small burp, and again pounced on Haru.

He turned into a band that surrounded the body, Haru's stomach and then he heard a small buzzing like a snore, the blob had fallen asleep.

Haru was upset, the house looked like a victim of the bombing, in the rush to grab metal objects, Haru had made a mess.

The blob slept peacefully regardless of Haru's movements and external chaos.

Haru tried to remove the black blob from his body, but it was impossible, the body of the blob looked harder than steel, it was like an impenetrable liquid metal.

Haru said. "Damn it, you only missed us to make me even poorer! Now, what do I say to the girls when they come back!"

Haru sat on a chair and grabbed his hair with both hands and said.

"I am ruined! I am more and more ruined!"

And he burst into tears.


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