The miner
37 The blob
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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37 The blob

Old Noah took a monocle, a sort of magnifying glass, a pince-nez, and carefully checked the small runes written on the inside of the ring, then he said.

"It's broken! To fix it, 160 cores are needed!"

Haru thought in his mind. "Ugly Dwarf! You have allied with my enemies, the aliens!"

Haru was now resigned and he said. "Old, fix it! I'll be back in a week!"

For a week Haru and his team fought in the jungle, the little wolf always beside Axia, growing stronger every day.

Haru returned to the armory and said. "Old, is the ring ready?"

Noah answered. "I do not understand how a stupid child like you can find all these rare objects!"

Noah wore the ring and a screen of transparent light was placed around his body, a shield of light that covered his whole body like a dome.

Noah said. "Brat, this is a shield of energy, can endure many physical and magical attacks!"

Haru said. "Old man, you explain to me how it works!"

Noah answered. "This ring is a very expensive item, only some very rich nobles own one!"

"I replaced the solar stone and repaired some runes. To make it work, you just have to circulate a bit of your mana inside the ring. The protective shield lasts about 25 minutes, for each use, the solar stone is discharged, for recharge it, you have to put the ring in sunlight for at least eight hours. "

Haru took the ring from Noah's hands and said. "Thanks, old man! The bill is lengthened, but you know that I will pay!"

Haru greeted old Noah and niece Cloe and left the armory, he checked the shiny ring that had changed completely with the new yellow stone and looked brand new.

With a wicked laugh, he began to caress the ring.

"Hihihihihi ..... hihihihihi ..... my treasure .... my treasure .... hihihihihi!"

Hunting days passed quietly, Haru assiduously controlled the market, looking for new rare objects.

One day, in front of a hunter's stand, he was attracted by a strange animal.

This animal looked like a black blob, it was moving in a narrow mesh cage made of wood, it seemed suffering or sick.

When Haru approached the cage, he took a little life and with his jelly-like black body made some small movements, the blob was as big as a basketball and completely black.

Haru had never seen a blob on Gea, maybe they were rare, so he decided to buy it.

"Friend, how much do you want for this animal?"

The hunter could not wait to get rid of the blob, which had cost him many weapons and equipment, finally, he had found the "chicken", that is the right customer.

"Young man! This is a magnificent example of a black thing, unobtainable, very rare, very powerful, worth at least 10 nuclei!"

Haru answered. "Friend, the blob is sick and almost dead, I can give you a core and I will spare you the trouble of burial!"

The hunter answered. "Two, at least give me two nuclei!"

Haru answered. "Ok! Deal!"


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