The miner
36 The ring
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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36 The ring

Haru was at the market, with the addition of the little wolf the money and the food were never enough, the little wolf was fond of and became the pet of Axia.

Haru wandered through the stalls full of goods of all kinds, in front of a stall selling jewelry and junk, Lilly had gone crazy and started scratching Haru's neck.

"What is it! You want a necklace like every girl?"

There were numerous gold necklaces with diamonds, emerald necklaces, and big rubies, numerous earrings, rings, and bracelets.

Everyone was thrown over the table as if they were rubbish, waste worthless, simple junk.

Haru touched every object and then touched a ring with a yellow stone with a large crack, it was the most disgusting jewel of all, it was old and dirty and the ugly yellow stone embed, was broken.

Lilly scratched Haru's neck, it was this object she wanted.

Haru understood Lilly's gesture so he took a big, heavy gold necklace with diamonds and he asked.

"How much do you want for this necklace?"

The seller answered. "This necklace together with the bracelet of emeralds and rubies, I sell it to you for three nuclei!"

Haru was upset a diamond necklace was worth two liters of milk?

Haru answered. "Friend is too much! For three cores, you give me also these earrings with sapphires and that ugly ring."

The merchant answered. "Four, you give me four cores and you can also have this silver bracelet with jade, opals, and turquoise."

Haru immediately said. "Ok!"

Haru paid the merchant and immediately left the market, he had bought expensive jewels at the price of sweets, he felt like he had done a great robbery.

Haru quickly returned home with his purchases, checked each jewel carefully with analysis.

Subject: gold necklace with diamonds.

Gold: 97%

Other minerals: 0.3% copper, 0.25% silver, 0.1% iron, 2% rhodium .....

Diamonds: carbon crystals, kimberlite 0.01%

Physical defense: 0

Magic defense: 0

Haru then checked the ugly ring.

Object: ring with an embedded stone

Metal alloy: ????? (unknown)

Stone: solar energy crystal (broken)

Haru thought. "Another broken object! I have to go to the old dwarf and increase the debts! I have to buy a metal helmet to protect my head from the hammer of the dwarf and I must also carry the shield of Gyas, minimum!"

Haru prepared itself for the great battle.


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