The miner
35 The young wolf
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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35 The young wolf

Haru and the girls fought in the great forest, in the distance could be heard numerous screams and howls.

Haru said. "Girls, we're going to check, but you're all careful!"

Haru and the girls went to the place where the screams came and hid behind the trees.

Two groups of monsters were fighting, some monsters looked like gray wolves, while the other monsters looked like hyenas or jackals, they were a little smaller than the wolves, but they had numerous bony spikes in their bodies.

More than twenty hyenas were fighting ten wolves, it was a bloody and fierce battle.

The wolves were covered with bites and wounds but continued to fight desperately.

Every wolf had to fight two or three hyenas, it was an unequal and unjust struggle.

Soon all the wolves and even numerous hyenas died.

Haru silently made to the girls, the signal to attack.

Axia's scream echoed in the air.


Ice arrows hit the hyenas in the back.

A rotating disk cut the head of a hyena and it flew into the air.

A powerful arrow hit the eye of a hyena, even piercing the brain.

Bya, very fast with the two daggers, she hit the abdomen of a hyena killing her.

All the grass was stained with splashes of blood.

Two hyenas moaned and ran and managed to escape.

Haru wore a pair of leather gloves, did not want to touch the hyenas with bare hands, because they were dirty and infected with diseases.

Axia controlled the corpses because she did not want to be hurt in the back, from some hyena still alive.

A small lament could be heard by a surviving wolf.

He was a little smaller than the other wolves, maybe a puppy or a young specimen.

Axia was about to hit the young wolf full of wounds and bites, the young wolf licked the tips of the blades of Axia then he showed his stomach and the tail wagging.

Axia raised her arm ready to strike the young wolf with her blades, but she was stopped by a phrase from Haru.

"Wait, he surrendered!"


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