The miner
34 Big party
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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34 Big party

Haru did not know if Luxi was a girl or a boy, his bracelet signaled - genre: (?) - even the bracelet was more confused than him.

Haru could not explain why, but he believed that Luxi was a girl and so he treated her like a little sister.

Luxi said. "Haru, I need another tunic, this is small, I grew a few inches."

It was a natural thing to grow when you are young, children grow fast.

Haru answered. "I gained 100 cores from the snake's core, and 60 cores selling the meat, tonight we go to the inn to relax a bit. Tomorrow I'll try to buy a new tunic, do not worry!"

Luxi happily embraced Haru.

Haru and the girls had cleaned their leather armor and headed to the inn, and were greeted by the constant rumbling of voices.

Haru called the orc maid and she approached, smiling with numerous teeth and two big fangs.

"Hello, what do you want to order?" Tonight is the house specialty, snake soup with vegetables! "

Haru replied: "We want to celebrate tonight, you bring us the best food, I also want two big grilled fish, a few liters of milk and some mead!"

The maid, after receiving the order, turned away. soon the table of Haru was covered with many bowls and trays full of food, a golden fish along a meter still steaming, was placed on the table.

Haru shouted. "Itadakimasu!" and he slammed himself on the food.

Everyone except Luxi had their mouths full of food.

Haru with a glass full of mead, he shouted, "Kampai!"

After two hours, every stomach was full, only Luxi had eaten nothing, but she was also happy.

Haru and his group were still sitting above the chairs to digest the great food and numerous hunters and adventurers were leaving the inn.

Six huge creatures were coming out, they all had beautiful and shining armor.

The first who looked like the head of the group had a large white cloak and a heavy golden breastplate, his head like a lion and the yellow mane, a fierce and fierce look.

Two other burly men followed him and then Haru saw a girl.

She was about 1.80 meters tall and had a silver hooded tunic, she did not walk but flew, lifted from the ground a few centimeters, her whole body shone with a soft light, her hair did not stand out from her body, they were all made with the same matter, she looked like a spirit.

Luxi shouted. "Princess!"

Bya and the beautiful luminous woman turned at the same time.

The luminous being stopped and started talking to Luxi, her lips were closed but a female voice could be heard.

"└╣╝╗╒⌂⌡ → ┴╝╤╔─"

Luxi answered. "┐║╘≤ ≠ ╞╒╥─├≥╙╓┘╒╥╝"

"╔↨⌂╚╓║╒╗╥╓╝╔⌐═≡╗╠." The woman said.

Haru did not even understand a single syllable.

For ten minutes Luxi and the luminous being spoke, then the chief lion growled.

"We have to go!"

The lion did not want to mix with these people that he considered scum.

The bright being still with the closed mouth said.

"╠⌂∞⌂├┴╛ ≠ ╒⌂≡╥╗"

So she left the inn together with her group.

Haru said to Luxi. "You know her?"

Luxi answered. "No, this is the first time we see each other!"


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