The miner
33 The cook
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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33 The cook

In the infinite and boundless universe, some aliens had created millions of mining planets, Gea was just a small mining planet, a bit of sand in a desert.

The aliens had brought above Gea, monsters with a nucleus, from every galaxy and then they had recreated the right habitats for each monster, finally, they had brought the hunters or miners to dig the cores.

The aliens could exterminate all the monsters with a single snap of fingers, but they needed cores.

Miners with swords and old-fashioned weapons were only the guardians of a large zoo.

The first miners created villages and cities on Gea, some returned to their original planets but many remained on Gea creating descendants, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, each generation created new races.

In the planet Gea exist the miners and the local population, the miners are easily distinguishable from the simple population because each miner has a black bracelet, a symbol of slavery and distinction.

In every city, there is a palace of the tributes that serves to collect the nuclei and to sort the miners.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------

Inside the kitchen of the great inn of Nawas, Haru was arguing with a huge female ogre, the cook.

The woman cook was high about two meters and had powerful arms and a big breast, two big fangs came out of the mouth, next to the cook there were two big and threatening green orcs, tall and muscular.

The two orcs had blood-soaked aprons and big cleavers in their hands, they looked at Haru with a hostile air, and little growls came out of their mouths.

"Grrrrrr ....!"

"Grrrrr ....!"

Haru watched the cleavers bloody and he swallowed.

These two orcs were the same ones who had thrown out the great rhino man of the inn.

Haru spoke to the cook.

"Aunt, I have the body of a big snake, I am more than a thousand pounds of fresh meat, I can sell it to you for a good price!"

The cook answered. "We have our supplier hunters, I do not deal with business, you have to talk to my husband, he's in the office nearby."

"Thanks, auntie, I will go to the office."

Haru crossed a corridor and knocked on a wooden door.

"Knock Knock!


Haru entered the small office, behind a large desk crowded with sheets of paper was an ugly and huge green ogre.

He was sitting on a leather chair and checking accounts and invoices.

In the fingers of the big hands, he had numerous rings.

Haru sat on a chair in front of the desk.

The ogre said. ".... ehhmm ... eeehhm..sorry me, what do you want to talk about?"

Haru answered. "I'm here to offer a great deal! I killed a big snake, I have more than a thousand kilos of good meat, I can sell it for a good price!"

The ogre answered. "I already have my suppliers, but I can also do other business if the price is good."

Haru and the ogre discussed for half an hour then the agreement was concluded.

Haru said. "I have a team with four people, we're going to eat in your club tonight!"

Haru left the room and went back into the large kitchen, opened his space bag and deposited the great body of the snake, torn in pieces above some empty tables.

"Auntie, this is a good meat, you can make a good soup!"

Haru greeted the cook and the two great orcs who answered with a growl, then he left the inn.


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