The miner
32 The big snake
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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32 The big snake

The head of a snake flew in the air and Haru's disk plunged deep into the trunk of a tree, Haru put the umpteenth dead snake inside a space bag he had bought.

This bag was made with a strange cloth and closed by a golden string, was covered with strange bright runes and could hold about ten cubic meters of inanimate objects.

All had grown stronger, the small crystals of Luxi had become sharp arrows of ice, the precision with the bow of Mimoon was increased, Gyas was like an impenetrable stone column and Axia sliced everything, the little Bya was the weakest of the group and attacked with two simple daggers, one for each hand.

They had killed hundreds of snakes and also many strange birds, the disk of Haru cut ruthlessly every wing.

Today they would fight a giant snake.

For ten days they had checked the cave of the snake, many bones were shed near the entrance and a terrible stench came out of the den.

Haru bravely entered the den and with his disk hit the thick green scales causing a small wound.

The giant snake that slept rolled up awoke and opened its mouth full of poisoned fangs, out of its mouth came a forked tongue and a sketch of poison.

Haru immediately emerged from the cave and entered the dense forest.

The angry serpent immediately followed Haru, but the speed was reduced because he could not move his body freely due to the intricate trees and branches.

The snake was thirty meters long and its skin was covered with thick green scales, it looked like a big royal cobra, but it had a third eye in the forehead and eight big fangs in the mouth, four bigger ones above and four below.

The snake got stuck in the trunk of two big trees and Axia and the girls who were hidden behind the trees immediately began to fight, a large arrow of Ice hit the first eye by blinding it.

Axia gave a strong kick to a tree and rose several feet from the ground, she threw a loud roar.


And she hit the second eye with the three blades.

Haru's disk flew into the air ready to strike, but the snake suddenly moved its head and the weapon only managed to scratch some scales on the monster's forehead.

A quick arrow flew into the air directed at the only remaining eye, the snake closed the eyelid and the arrow bounced.

The great cobra opened its mouth and a toxic cloud of green poison filled the air.

Haru shouted. "Retreat! Retreat!"

Fortunately, Axia who was the closest managed to escape.

The snake, seeing itself in difficulty, tried to escape, a powerful arrow flew into the air followed by Haru's disk.



Both hit the target together, the last eye of the cobra was bloodied.

The great sword of Gyas entered into his mouth causing a great wound, the blind monster struggled and broke the trees with his tail, but it was useless, now his fate was marked.

After twenty minutes the monster stopped fighting and died.

Haru threw himself exhausted, sitting on the ground and said.

"Girls, the scout camp has served something, tomorrow new training!"

The girls answered in chorus. "Noooooooooo!"


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