The miner
31 A new weapon
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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31 A new weapon

The metal object was a little bigger than a hamburger buns, rounded at the sides and inlaid with numerous ruts and weighed about two kilos, had no openings, no keys or lever.

Haru had tried to find out what this record was and what it was for, he only knew one thing, this object is metallic.

"Perhaps the blacksmith knows what this strange disc is?"

Haru entered the armory and after talking to Cloe for a few minutes, he spoke to the old Noah.

"O great and powerful and wonderful and incredible king of blacksmiths, your skill lights up the world and your height reach the skies and ..."

Noah interrupted Haru's words. "Stupid brat, stop saying stupid things, what do you want?"

Haru showed the metal disc to the blacksmith.

Noah looked at the strange metal disk for a long time then said.

"It's broken, to fix it you have to give me 150 nuclei!"

Haru's eyes turned red, smoke came out of his nostrils, a violent rage filled every cell in his body, then he said.

"Ugly Dwarf, you are a great swindler and thief! 150 nuclei for a meatball? Do you want to see me dead? You have no mercy! I cut your beard and use it to clean the toilet!"

Haru had grabbed his sword, while Noah had a large hammer in his right hand.

The two low men faced each other, looking like two roosters ready for combat.

Cloe said. "Grandpa stop it!"

The old Noah said to Haru, in a calm voice. "Stupid brat, you do not even know what this object is! It was since my grandfather was alive, over 300 years ago, that I did not see one, it is a precious and complicated object, many cores are needed to buy the materials to repair this!"

Haru only heard the word "precious" and calmed down.

"Old, repair it, we'll talk about the price later, how many days do you need?"

Noah said. "Little annoying flea, come back in eight days, maybe it will be ready!"

After eight days Haru returned to the armory, Cloe looked at him wrong, she was angry because Haru wanted to fight against her grandfather.

"Cloe forgive me, but it was your grandfather who started, 150 nuclei! How to take blood from a turnip!"

Cloe said. "Grandpa, grandpa, come, there are the troublemakers!"

Cloe's grandfather entered the room, next to his body was Haru's metal disk floating in the air, spinning like a flying saucer.

Noah said. "Look stupid brat!"

The flying saucer opened in two halves and three hooked blades covered with blue mana emerged, the disc rotating rapidly in the air and the blades shone.

The blacksmith made a gesture and the metal disk cut a large metal rod into two parts.

"Brat, do you like it? This is a weapon of ancient times!"

Haru was drooling.

"Old man, you explain to me how it works!"

Noah said. "You are like dog shit, you are lucky! Some gears were dirty and rusty but the core was intact! You must put all your mana in the core, then you can move the disk with the thought."

"Do not open the blades! If you do not want to lose a hand or an arm, you must first learn to control it and then open the blades at the end."

"This is a very dangerous weapon! "

Haru snatched the metal disc from the blacksmith's hands, then said.

"I pay in installments, I pay in installments!"


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