The miner
30 Mana
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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30 Mana

Haru said. "Lilly, stop for a moment!"

Lilly kept moving fast.

Haru put a bowl full of peanuts on top of the table, Lilly was forced to stop to eat.

Haru thought.


A bright ray enveloped Lilly.

Subject: mutant squirrel-ferret

Breed: ÆÿĈÐŖŶøĄŒŋŽĐ (rare)

Female gender

Fur: ​brown-white

Length: 18 cm

Weight: 1.5 kilograms

Level: 9 (no evolution)

Strength: 38

Agility: 167

Speed: 182

Constitution: 23

Intelligence: 20

Mana: 180

Skill: supersonic speed

Skills: research and theft of the treasure

Owner: Haru Tanaka

Affinity with the owner: 100%

Haru already knew that Lilly was fast, he could not understand Lilly's second "Search and Treasure Theft" ability.

"What treasures, peanuts?"

Haru also checked his state.

Name: Haru Tanaka

Race: terrestrial

Gender: masculine

Age: 16 years

Level: 12

Strength: 79

Agility: 112

Speed: 135

Constitution: 61

Intelligence: 50

Charisma: 38 (the leadership increases the charisma)

Mana: 100

Pet: Lilly

The speed and agility have increased a lot, now I also have the mana.

"This is why I joined with Lilly? I also have the ability, supersonic speed?"

Confused Haru watched Lilly happily nibble on peanuts, Lilly did not understand the great drama in Haru's mind.

A few days passed and Haru and the girls were fighting in the jungle, in a tree-less land they had found a small hut built of wooden logs, perhaps the old home of a hunter.

The trunks were rotten and musty and the hut was in ruins, there were only a few trunks on the ground about to crumble.

Lilly seemed to go crazy coming down from Haru's neck and started scratching the ground.

Haru said. "What is it, is there a potato?"

Lilly kept scratching the ground.

Haru said. "Lilly we have to go! When we are home I cook you boiled potatoes, but now we have to go!"

Lilly continued undaunted to dig.

"All right, I'll take these potatoes!"

Haru also began to dig with his hands, but there was nothing.

"Lilly, we still have to dig, are you sure?"

Lilly was still digging with her paws.

Haru dug over a meter and a half into the ground and then found a rotten wood with rusted iron, dug deeper and retrieved a small decadent wooden treasure chest.

Inside there were some old ragged and musty clothes and a tipless dagger all rusty and useless.

Inside the crate on the bottom was a small wooden box covered with green mold, inside there was a yellow metal object that resembled the burger round sandwich.

Haru asked. "Lilly, do you want this?"

Lilly approached the metal sandwich and jumped joyously.

Haru thought.


A light beam hit the round meatball.

Subject: ???????? (unknown object)


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