The miner
29 Lilly
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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29 Lilly

The little animal woke up with a bandaged head inside a wicker basket, it was still weak and could not move well, a warm hand grabbed her and placed it next to a small bowl full of milk.

"Have you woken up? Here you drink all the milk!"

The pet heard a sweet voice.

After drinking the milk, the forces abandoned her and began to sleep again.

For four days Haru lovingly cared for the little animal that seemed like a cross between a squirrel and a ferret.

The squirrel had a dark brown back like the trunk of the trees, the white belly, and a long, soft tail.

She allowed herself to be gently caressed by Haru without any resistance.

Haru had healed the squirrel and now there was nothing left but to let her go in the forest.

He opened his hands and said.

"You can go away! You are free!"

But she did not want to get away from the affectionate, warm hands, with an incredible speed she came in through the opening of his armor's neck and curled up next to Haru's stomach.

"Do you want to stay? All right! You're a girl, do you like the name, Lilly?"

The squirrel did not answer was still curled up next to the stomach.

"Ok, it's decided from now on, you'll be Lilly!"

Haru always carried little Lilly with his, he had a small leather bag near his side, but the squirrel preferred to surround Haru's neck like her burrow.

Lilly was very fast, climbed over the huge trees and grabbed the fruits from the branches, a tree full of a fruit similar to hazelnuts was emptied quickly.

She was not carnivorous, she only ate fruits, vegetables, peanuts, and berries.

One day after eating several berries in the forest, little Lilly, after hopping over the branches, returned to Haru, but this time instead of curling up near his neck, she entered Haru's stomach.

Haru had only seen a diffraction of the air, air waves similar to when you throw a stone over the surface of the water.

Lilly had disappeared, Haru checked his whole body carefully but found nothing, then thought.


Haru's mind was connected with a small space, a dimension inside Haru's body, inside this small space whose contours were shaded by a gray fog, there was the little Lilly that rolled up and slept happily.

Haru knew that every person on Gea could have only one animal as a pet, no pet could be owned for about a year or two after the pet's death, it all depends on how long you have the pet and its affinity with the partner.

Haru said. "But you did not need a blood pact? I would have cut a finger and covered by blood the forehead of the dragon cub! I would have captured a Kirin or a winged pegasus with the pokè ball!"

"I wanted a dragon! I wanted a dragon!"

So Haru started to cry.


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