The miner
28 The team
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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28 The team

Haru, Bya, Luxi, and Gyas all surrounded Axia, Haru spoke.

"Axia you have become very strong, you now have new weapons and armor, you can join every team, you have no obligation to us."

"We are weak and slow down your path, no one forces you to stay!"

Axia began to lick Haru's face.

"Stop it! Stop it, here we are talking about serious things!"

Axia kept licking at Haru, who was standing with his height coming only at her chest, then she said.

"I do not go away!"

Haru was relieved of his doubts, if Axia had left, he would have to look for a strong striker and his group would be in big trouble.

Haru said, wait for Axia, you stand still for a minute I control your state.

Axia softly said. "All right!"

Haru thought.


A triangular ray enveloped the great body of Axia.

Subject: Tiger adult with human characteristics

Race: §X | & ù ^ §ç \ ò <

Female gender

Height: 1.87 meters

Weight: 125 kilograms

Mane: red

Eyes: yellow iris

Level: 15 (First evolution)

Strength: 421

Agility: 389

Speed: 397

Constitution: 371

Intelligence: 289

Charisma: 202

Mana: 0

More than four hundred of strength, Haru was shocked.

Haru said. "Girls, we go to the jungle tomorrow and do a massacre! Otherwise, you do not eat, I'm in the green!"

Haru had reinforced the bed with thicker wooden planks that managed not to tilt under the excessive weight, now there was only a huge futon that covered everyone.

Haru was choked inside Axia's chest and could not move, Axia's muscular arms were like a pincer that could not be opened, his face was sunken in the soft chest full of hair, in his leg he had Luxi that looked like a black oyster stuck to a reef and at his feet was Bya snoring uncontrolled.

He had repaired the roof, but the habit of sleeping together had remained, in the warm embrace of Axia, Haru fell asleep.

In the jungle, a group of close-knit people struggled strenuously, every day Haru handed over to the smith a part of the cores earned and spared in order to pay the taxes of Gyas, who was on this planet a few months longer than the others.

In an area of the jungle there were broken trees, huge and strange footprints, many traces of blood and some dead animals, it seemed like there was a great battle.

A small animal was still alive, had a big wound on the head, but stubbornly refused to die, it was too small and Haru did not want to kill him.

He smeared some healing ointment over the wound, then put the animal inside the backpack he had over his shoulders.


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