The miner
27 The blacksmith
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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27 The blacksmith

Haru had bought new clothes and a new armor for Axia and had finished all the cores, still needed a weapon.

Haru was kneeling in front of Cloe's grandfather inside the armory.

"O great and majestic king of the .... (do not call him dwarf, do not call him dwarf ..), majestic king of blacksmiths, I ask you a miracle, you with your immense goodness, build for me a weapon , I have no nucleus, I will pay later in installments, I swear, I can not fight without weapons, please! "

Haru bowed and beat his head on the ground.

The blacksmith answered. "You stupid brat stop praying, what weapon do I have to do?"

Cloe spoke. "But grandfather you have always told me that we must never make weapons on credit and we must always be paid before and after we build arms."

The blacksmith Noah said to his niece. "A hunter who can not fight, cannot pay, we are blacksmiths and we live for hunters, I place a bet on this guy, if he does not give me the cores I will lose only the materials and he will lose his honor."

Haru showed Axia's old weapons to the blacksmith, Wolverine's blades.

The blacksmith measured Axia's hands and then said.

"The weapons will be ready in a week!"

Haru could not go hunting because without Axia the group was maimed and lacking in power, he returned to the armory and asked.

"Are the weapons ready?"

Noah gave Haru a bundle of leather, inside the case, there were two brilliant new weapons.

The three 50 cm long blades were thicker and more convex, with a mechanism that could be detached from the main body, made of a hard and heavy black metal, Axia's hand gripped the handle perfectly.



Only six strands of black light could be seen.

Axia waved her hands and cut the air, these blades could cut everything.

Haru said.

"Old man, I will come back!"


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