The miner
26 Super Axia
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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26 Super Axia

Haru continually put small pieces of wet cloth with cold water over the forehead that burned of Axia.

She moaned and writhed, throwing growls and moans of pain.

"Groaarrr .... groaarrrr."

The sounds of broken bones could be heard.

"... craack ....craack ..... ...."

Her whole body was moving, the muscles beneath the skin looked like crazy worms.

Deep tears mixed with blood came out of her eyes.

Haru was really upset, tried to restrain Axia's unconscious movements, but her clawed nails had torn one sleeve of his dress and wounded his arm.

Haru bandaged his injured arm and continued to put a wet cloth on Axia's forehead.

For two days no one slept, finally, the transformation had been completed and Axia lay in bed in a quiet and peaceful sleep.

All the clothes on her body were shredded, as were the sheets and the new futon.

Haru closed his sunken, black eyes full of weariness and fell asleep on the chair.

He was awakened by the long tongue of Axia licking his face.

Still sleepy, Haru said, as usual.

"Stop Axia stop!"

Haru opened his eyes and raised his head to Axia, had seen the transformation but was still amazed, Axia was very tall.

She looked like a bodybuilder with huge muscular arms, sculpted abs, thighs with thick and hard muscles, a thick mane of red hair, even her breasts had grown.

She was covered in a fur coat of short red hair with black stripes over her shoulders, while in front of her she had a chest covered with white hairs, big claws clawed in huge hands and four fangs in her mouth, two larger ones protruding from the upper lip and two a little smaller from the lower lip.

When she closed her mouth, the four fangs locked perfectly.

She emanated an aura of strength and power, no longer a tiger cub, but a deadly and dangerous adult tiger.

Axia was covered with a torn sheet and looked at Haru with a look full of affection, though painful and feverish, she remembered the tender gestures of Haru and remembered she had injured him involuntarily.

Haru after the initial surprise looked at the futon and the torn sheets, then he thought.

"I have to buy new clothes and armor for Axia.

We also need new weapons, even the hands have grown! "

Haru gripped his hair tightly with his hands meanwhile Axia licked his face, he said.

"I'm ruined, I'm ruined!"


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