The miner
25 Transformation
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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25 Transformation

Haru was inside the deadly and dangerous jungle, after hearing the amount of the tax to pay had turned into a dangerous killer thirsty for nuclei.

He had become Genghis Khan, he made a tabula rasa of everything, where he passed, even the herbs disappeared.

Everything was collected, curative and poisonous herbs, mushrooms with strange names and qualities, spiders, animals with large tails that looked like marmots and above all hundreds of snakes.

From a large, 5-meter-long mutant snake, Haru had collected a large nucleus twice a normal nucleus, he had learned and discovered that this was a level 2 core that was worth 10 normal nuclei of level 1.

The monster about every ten levels was undergoing a mutation of the nucleus, almost all the monsters with the strength of level 11 had a core of level 2, when a monster reached the level 21, with strength and enormous characteristics, the nucleus was of the third level, equal a hundred normal nuclei.

In the little monsters that could not contain huge nuclei, there was only a change in the color of the nucleus and not in its size.

For two weeks the group was fighting inside the huge impenetrable jungle, Gyas with a large sword cut all the plants that obstructed the path.

A large snake perched on a low branch had rushed against Gyas trying to bite her.

Gyas had defended himself with the big shield and Luxi had struck with her ice crystals causing a small wound and slowing the monster.

Immediately the blades of Axia hit the head of the snake and there were three deadly and deep rips.

Haru was collecting the booty, the core, the 4 poisonous fangs, the flesh, and the skin, nothing was wasted.

Haru finished and turned and saw Axia collapsing on the ground unconscious.

"Was she poisoned by the snake? A few poisonous spores of a plant had hit her?"

Haru checked the accelerated heartbeat of Axia's heart, he touched her forehead, hot because of the fever, all of Axia's body was burning and was sweating.

Haru said. "Soon, let's go home!"

Gyas ran into the forest by rotating the broadsword, cutting all the obstacles as if it were crazed, Haru and Mimoon carrying the unconscious Axia together, after 4 hours they arrived at the transporter and Axia was even more serious.

Haru had inserted an antidote pill into Axia's mouth, which was still unconscious, but the antidote had no effect, perhaps the poison was too powerful.

When they returned home, Haru immediately called a doctor.

A man with a face like an owl or a coquette was dragged violently by Haru into the house.

Haru said. "Doctor she was poisoned! We were in the jungle but I did not see what hit her! I did not notice anything! She must have touched some poisonous plant!"

Haru was upset, almost on the verge of crying, did not want to see Axia in this state.

The doctor adjusted his round golden spectacles over his beak and with a strange instrument checked Axia, after ten minutes of diagnosis, he exclaimed.

"She's not poisoned, she's just transforming, I leave some pills here to calm the fever, but I can not do more, all we can do and wait, everything depends on her inner strength!"

The doctor gave Haru some pills and after being paid, he left the old shed.


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