The miner
24 Miss Primrose
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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24 Miss Primrose

Haru entered the new, seven-story building in the heart of the city, through a glass door and headed for the reception with his heart beating fast.

"Ehhhmmm ... excuse me, I'm here to pay taxes!"

The secretary at the reception pressed a button then in front of a small microphone said.

"Here is a new miner, is not there anybody available?"

A male voice answered. "Wait up!"

Haru and the secretary waited patiently for five minutes, then the voice of the microphone spoke.

"..... bzz ... bzz ... there's only Miss Primrose available, you have to wait ten minutes."

The secretary said to Haru. "Please, there are free chairs in that corner, a manager will be available soon."

Haru sat on a chair near the wall and in his mind, he thought. "I do not even have a car but I always have to pay the fines!"

After 25 minutes a celestial figure appeared in front of his eyes, a beautiful shapely woman with a huge ass, had two bat wings coming out of her back and a thin black tail with a triangular end sticking out of her skirt, two little horns came out from her head.

The long black hair was wrapped in a chignon, wearing a white blouse that could not contain the huge breast and on the face had a pair of thick glasses with a black frame, in her hands was a large folder full of pages of papers.

"Hi, I'm Miss Primrose, I'm here to help you!"

Haru no longer had a saliva inside his mouth and then merely made a gesture of assent with his head.

Miss said. "Please follow me in my office!"

The lady with high heels walked through a corridor followed by Haru.

Haru watched the swaying of the huge hips, hypnotized, he wanted to touch a buttock but held his hand firmly, all his dreams became reality, he had a succubus before his eyes.

The lady sat on a chair behind a huge wooden desk.

"Please have a seat!" Her hand pointed to a chair in front of the desk.

".... eeehhhmmm ... eeehhhmm ..."

Haru cleared his voice.

"I'm here to know the amount of taxes!"

Miss said. "Insert the arm with the bracelet inside the round hole inside the wall!"

Haru rose from his chair and inserted his left arm into the black hole inside the wall, after two minutes a white slip of paper came out of a small opening under the round hole.

Miss took the paper and checked it for five minutes, then said.

"You are still a new miner and you do not know the rules well, the first year you have to pay only 1200 level 1 cores, 100 nuclei a month, you can pay in installments or in a single amount."

"In the next 29 years, you will have to pay a number of cores corresponding to your level."

Haru had only understood 1200 crystals, multiplied by 5, the number of his group is 6000 crystals every year, minimum.

His eyes fixed on the enormous breast were about to cry.

Miss continued. "In addition, your bracelet can be improved with numerous options, here is a small list of features."

The young woman handed a small piece of paper to Haru.

There were many written features but everything had a price, there was the "Party" function, the bracelet could communicate with the other members of his group, but he needed all the bracelets to be modified.

Haru took the least expensive choice, delivered 100 cores to the succubus and said.

"I would like this function, momentarily!"

Miss Primrose said to Haru. "Please, you have to insert the arm back into the wall."

Haru inserted his arm inside the round hole and waited five minutes, he felt only a small tingling that soon disappeared.

He exited his arm from the wall and checked the bracelet, next to the functions, "Status" and "Analysis", there was a new function, "Map".


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