The miner
23 The snake
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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23 The snake

Another month had passed, Haru had been on this strange planet for four months now, every time he killed a monster his vital parameters increased perhaps because his body had been modified by aliens or because of other reasons.

Also, the training and the continuous physical efforts contributed to increasing its strength.

Name: Haru Tanaka

Race: terrestrial

Gender: masculine

Age: 16 years

Height: 1.66 meters

Weight: 55 kilograms

Black eyes

Black hair

Level: 10

Strength: 58

Agility: 62

Speed: 68

Constitution: 50

Intelligence: 35

Charisma: 28 (leadership increases charisma)

Mana: 0

Haru was very happy, his height had increased by one centimeter, he was growing.

Haru and his group had completed all five levels of Graany's dungeon and he was very tired of killing mice.

Now he was ready for new challenges and new adventures.

He and the girls were all in front of a round teleportation circle in the middle of the city.

A round platform and a front desk attendant with numerous buttons and knobs looked like the Star Trek teleporter.

The clerk was asking "Destination?"

Haru answered. "Jungle!"

Haru paid 10 monstrous corps to the worker, so they all climbed onto the round platform.

A beam of light hit Haru and the girls, their bodies were dematerialized and divided into molecules, a ray of energy crossed the sky and reached another small round platform, located in a stronghold near a huge forest.

Haru went into the dark forest full of trees with strange leaves and vegetation never seen before and unknown to him.

It was immediately attacked by a strange snake with 4 large fangs inside the mouth and as big as a huge boa constrictor 3 meters long.

Axia hit the snake's head with her blades and killed him with a single blow.

Haru thought:


A triangular ray enveloped the body of the snake.

Subject: Poisonous mutant snake body

Fangs: poisonous

Body: edible

Race: ÆŠƝljţDžǁDŽǍǂƗƁƣ

Female gender

Level: 5

Strength: 21

Agility: 25

Speed: 28

Resistance: 20

Defense: 18

Mana: 10

Haru checked carefully all the writing and then laughed wickedly.

"Muhahahhahahaha! Girls, we are rich!"

The jungle was a dark and dangerous place full of pitfalls and swamps, there were strange and poisonous plants, numerous monsters lurking, but for Haru it was heaven.

Haru screamed. "Girls exterminate all the snakes and then I sell their meat to the market!"

More evil laughter came out of his mouth.




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