The miner
22 The losers camp
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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22 The losers camp

Haru had Luxi to her right, 51 centimeters high and fluttering off the ground a few centimeters to her left was Bya, 53 centimeters high a ruddy face with plump pink cheeks, behind him was Axia, 1.64 centimeters with a fierce and intimidating look, then there was the great Gyas who walked slowly and behind everyone there was, far away, Mimoon who hid her face with one hand not to be recognized.

All the passers-by in the street had big smiles on their faces when they crossed the group that seemed to consist of kindergarten children.

Haru traveled many streets and headed for a small park full of trees not far from the city.

Haru had built many obstacles of wood, obstacles placed in a low-sloped area, with holes full of water and high obstacles with ropes and logs.

Haru said, "Girls! We all suck, we need some training, and from today on we will train here early in the morning, every day, I want to see everyone quick and fast!"

Haru had carved a small wooden whistle and started whistling.



"Run! Run! 20 laps of the field!"

Haru began to run followed by everyone, looked like the field of young marmots rather than a field of monster hunters.

Haru was sweating heavily, after ten laps, Gyas was lying on the ground in a comatose state and on her stomach had Bya panting and touching her sore side.

Haru turned and checked the situation, there was still standing Axia who seemed to have taken a walk, Luxi fluttered cheerfully careless of all and Mimoon completely soaked with sweat.

"Stop, today the race is over! You Luxi will train yourself to hit a target with the fragments of ice! You Mimoon will train you with the bow and the arrows! Axia you go obstacles! Gyas you will have to move this platform of wood full of stones with your shoulders. Bya you must strive to remain half an hour in silence! "

Haru clapped his hands and then raised his fist to the sky.

"Come on let's go!"

Only Axia followed him all the others were still on the ground to gasp heavily.

Haru said. "Come on girls is for your own good, we will become stronger!"

The girls rose from the ground like an army of zombies.


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