The miner
21 Bya
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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21 Bya

Haru stood in front of the huge Cyclops more than 3 meters high, looking like a flea against a giant.

"Hey, Friend! What happened, why do you want to strangle this little girl? What she did to you?"

A low, cavernous voice almost a growl came from the Cyclops' throat.

"Uuuuuuuuuhhhhh ..... She ... She ..... uuuuuuuuhhh .... stolen me bag ... I kill!"

"Friend wait, do not get your hands dirty with blood, how many nuclei she has stolen from you? We can handle, I'll pay!"

After a few minutes of negotiations, Haru took a small leather bag closed by a thin thread made from a monster's tendon by his side and handed it to the Cyclops, all the savings he had accumulated in this week.

The satisfied cyclops made a small low grunt and walked away.

Haru spoke to the little pig. "I have spent all of my nuclei to save you, now you are in debt, you want to be part of our group? We are poor, but we are like a family!"

The little blonde pig answered. "I am a princess, you dirty plebeians are not worthy to touch a strip of my dress, but now I am in debt to you, you have saved my life and I will follow you until I have repaid my debt and .. ..... ..... blah ...blah..... blah ..... ... "

The little girl talked non-stop for half an hour, Haru in her mind made the solemn promise of never asking questions to this girl.

Haru returned home, opened the rusty door that made no noise because he had oiled the hinges and before entering he took off his worn boots, an old habit of his.

He washed his hands inside a basin full of cold water and then started cooking.

Axia and Gyas meanwhile inside the bathroom had washed and then had removed their heavy armor of leather and had worn more comfortable clothes, Mimoon was waiting for her turn to be able to change, while Luxi sat on the ground was absorbing with the sleeves of her tunic two small energetic stones.

The little piglet did not know what to do and sat in a corner of the big room.

The table had been built by Haru with some boards he had bought, on top, there were plates and glasses of wood and a large ceramic jug full of milk. Haru cooked in a brick oven he had built, a large roast meat with tubers that looked like potatoes.

In a huge metal pot placed on hot coals, meanwhile, the rice was boiling.

Haru put a wooden salad bowl full of colorful and strange vegetables on the table.

"Girls, we have a new member on our team, let's joyfully accept it." Then Haru deposited the huge burnished, browning roast on the table and the pot with the rice.


Axia cut a large piece of roast and began to eat.

The elf asked. "What are these white beans?" Pointing to the pot with rice.

Haru answered. "I do not know the name, but this Graminacea is similar to the rice of my planet, I like it a lot."

The little pig started talking. "This food is humble, on my planet I have thousands of servants and the best foods and blah ... blah ... blah ... for half an hour."

She ate food and at the same time, she did not stop talking.

Haru thought. "I have to make wax plugs for my ears!"

Haru asked. "Princess, what's your name?"

The little piglet still with the food in its mouth answered.

"I am the princess ѠӁҸҜҿѧѮѣӆҟҹѲД of the house of Ҕ҈ѻфґѷұҵҋхёҨ daughter of king ҂ѨцҔқҳ҇ѷϿҊҋӂѬҊЮ first and queen ѪӿԇӜѾұҾԂӯҢѣӇҸ fourth, my uncle is the prince ..."

Blah .. blah ..... blah .... for another half hour.

Haru gives himself a slap in the face, he had forgotten never to ask questions to this girl.

Haru thought what name can I give this girl? "Small ball? Bowling ball? Blah blah first? Big mouth? Mini mini-me?"

I decided, I will call her BYA.


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