The miner
20 A new encounter
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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20 A new encounter

Haru had gone to Cloe's armory and had bought a large wooden bow and a leather quiver full of arrows.

"Keep Mimoon this is for you!"

"What should I do with this bow, I can not use him!"

Haru replied, "All the elves use the bow!"

Mimoon was about to strangle the half man, he always kept repeating the word "Elf", "Elf", but what the hell is an elf?

She was only holding back because Axia looked at her wrong.

Everyone was on the fourth floor of Graany's dungeon fighting little monsters, a big black millipede had sprouted from beneath the ground, Luxi had hit him with some fragments of ice, doing him only the tickle, Mimoon had put an arrow in his bow and had shot a powerful arrow.



The arrow had hit a buttock of Gyas, but it had only entered a few centimeters.

"Aiaaahh! Ouuuuu!" Gyas shouted.

"Sorry, sorry, I did not do it on purpose!"

Haru had hit one side of the centipede and Axia the other side and she killed him.

Haru said. "Enough for today we have finished! It was a long day at work and we are all tired, we go back home."

Haru and the girls came out of the dungeon and started to go home, Mimoon was at the end of the group a little distant, as if she said: "I do not even know them!"

In a small square, there were many people crowded in a circle. everyone was watching a funny show.

A cyclops was trying to catch a small, very short chubby being.

It looked like a small pig with human features, with puffy cheeks and curly blonde hair, a small chubby girl with a flat nose with two big pig-like nostrils.

She was very short but very fast, came in and out from under the arched legs of the Cyclops avoiding the huge hands that tried to grab her.

"Leave me, leave me, I'm a princess! If you do not let me go, I'll have you beheaded!"

People laughed even louder after hearing the words of the tiny girl.

Haru asked. "What happened, why does that big Cyclops try to grab that girl?"

Some people answered him.

"That's just a little thief!"

The Cyclops after thousands of attempts had finally grabbed a tiny leg of the little pig girl and had lifted her upside- down.

The Cyclops was trying to grab the girl's neck when she was stopped by a phrase from Haru.

"Wait up!"


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