The miner
19 The bed
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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19 The bed

Axia had to intervene because she knew Haru, she knew that he was a good boy sometimes "strange", unable to understand the mentality of a girl.

She had seen the ferocious reaction of the female Elf and she knew the argument was going badly.

The elf girl looked at the strange weapon held by Axia, then she asked.

"Who are you! What do you want! Let me beat this bother!"

Haru did not want a fight between the two girls, so he said.

"Calm, calm, do not fight, I just made a simple proposal, it's up to you to decide, I have a method to make you stronger, you can go away when you want, no one forces you!"

The elf girl looked at the little man, then looked carefully at Axia, she was small but she looked strong, it was a difficult decision, but she had nothing to lose, so she decided to accept the strange proposal.

"All right, I will be part of your group, but when I get tired, I'll go away!"

Haru was very happy, with his intervention Axia had risked ruining his plans, but luckily everything went well, now he had a new member in his team.

Haru asked." What's your name?"

The elf girl answered. "My name is ƂNjǁƾƜƗƤƀƆĠDžƻƬƫŌ!"

Another headache for Haru.

Haru said, "Can I call you Mimoon?"

The elf girl answered. "You can call me as you please, as long as you call me, as few times as possible!"

They left the inn all together, the elf girl tried to hide her face, all the looks of passers-by were hilarity, she seemed like a school group of children on a tourist trip with the teacher who accompanied her.

They stopped in front of a decrepit building, almost in ruins, then the half man said.

"Come, come in, this is our home! Please, take a seat!"

They had eaten at the inn and it was already very late.

Haru said, "Well it's late I'm going to sleep, this blanket is for you, unfortunately, there is only one bed, find a free space and try to sleep and only for this night, tomorrow I will try to build another bed of wooden."

Haru soon after lay down on the bed, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Axia drew back to his right side, as usual Luxi clung to his left thigh and Gyas lay down next to Axia, making all the boards of the bed creak and crunch.

Mimoon mentally cursed herself for accepting this absurd proposal, the room was big and cold and there were cold drafts coming from the broken ceiling, the small blanket gave her no heat, then after an hour, she lay down into bed next to Haru on the left side, near Luxi, she closed her eyes and she too fell asleep.


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