The miner
18 The elf
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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18 The elf

Haru was very happy, for many other Gyas because of its slow movements it was considered useless, but for Haru, Gyas was an excellent tank.

Gyas was 1.80 meters high and with its huge wooden convex rectangular shield, he could block every attack, Haru, Axia, and Luxi, with their small height, always remained behind the excellent protection, ready to attack and hit.

The strength of the whole team had increased, Luxi was able to shoot small arrows of ice, they could not yet kill but only to hurt. Haru was very satisfied with his group, but something was still missing.

Haru said. "We're going to the inn tonight, eating, listening to useful information and looking for new members of the team."

Gyas did not want to go back to the inn, she was afraid to meet her tormentor, the rhinoceros man, so she had an ugly look on her face but did not speak.

Axia had noticed the situation and said. "Do not worry, if that asshole approaches, I cut him into slices with my blades!"

Haru said. "Gyas, now you are a member of this team, you always protect us with your shield and we are always ready to defend you, in every situation!"

For a whole week, Haru and his group ate every night at the inn, looking for useful information and finally good news came to Haru's ears.

A young huntress had been expelled from her group because it was considered weak and unfit to fight, Haru watched from afar the young girl and his heart was bursting in his chest, he had found the legendary "Elf" female of all his dreams.

She was tall thin and slender with short green hair and pointed ears, her complexion was light gray, surely she was an elf of the night and the moon, or something that looked like.

Haru approached the girl's table.

"Hi, can I sit here?"

"No! Go away!"

Haru sat down the same, he knew the grumpiness of the elves, who considered themselves a noble race superior to the others.

Haru said. "I have a proposal to make to you, you look at those people sit at that table, that's my group, if you want, you can be part of this group!"

The girl looked at Haru and his group behind him, then said.

"What a disgusting group! I prefer to be alone and be part of such a lousy and mediocre group!"

Haru was not surprised by the elf's answer, he knew that the elves were a devious and fussy breed, then he said.

"My dear elf, I know a way to increase your strength in combat!"

The girl thought. "Elf? What is an elf? This guy seems to me all stupid!"

She had been discarded by her group and she was very angry at the moment, she usually would try to understand the absurd words of this boy but now she was not in the right moment.

The girl was drawing her sword from its scabbard when it was stopped by a phrase from Axia.

"If you dare to hit Haru, your body comes out of this room sliced!"


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