The miner
17 Union
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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17 Union

The wooden planks of the bed were all cracked on one side because of the heavy weight of the rhinoceros woman Haru had called Gyas, soon Haru would have to buy a bigger futon.

They were all huddled under the quilt inside the cold room of the shed, Gyas was near Axia's side and Luxi, as usual, was clinging to his left thigh.

Haru was sometimes very scared because of Luxi.

"...And if she is hungry and sucks my life energy? .... and if there was a mini vampire ready to hit under the black robe? ... and if Luxi is just waiting for me to become fat, in order to devour me? .. and if she eat my memories and my emotions like all the normal dementors? ....And if ... "

All night long Haru had strange thoughts, preventing him from sleeping.

Finally, Haru thought. "It should be one way or another, one day I will have to die, the important thing and not be afraid of death."

Gyas was also a miner, she had arrived on the planet Gaia five months ago, she had found a man of her planet of origin and she had asked for help, she had joined a small group of monster hunters, she had a great defense but in every fight her strength was too low, she was slow and useless.

There had been numerous fights and quarrels and the rhinoceros man was looking for any excuse to be able to beat her because, despite his size, he was a weak man who tried to dominate others using violence.

Finally, a little man had given her a helping hand and had rekindled the hope in her heart, freeing her from a bad nightmare.

She was in a big cold room under a small futon that could barely cover a part of her body, near she had a girl named Axia who, with her red fur and hair, managed to warm her up somehow.

She was in a poor and precarious situation but at least she had found freedom, she was free from the chains that suppressed her.

Haru had done "Analysis" on the body of Gyas.

Subject: Rhinoceros with human characteristics.

Race: ¬¶Ð # ßŶɮɄʓɚȸǨȢȵ

Female gender

Height: 1.80 meters

Weight: 163 kilograms

Hair: none

Brown eyes

Level: 10 (no evolution)

Strength: 71

Agility: 42

Speed: 35

Constitution: 121

Defense: 200 (natural body plaques extended throughout the body)

Intelligence: 31

Charisma: 22

Mana: 0


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