The miner
16 The inn
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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16 The inn

A month had passed and Haru, Axia, and Luxi were still fighting in Graany's dungeon and had arrived in the fourth underground level.

A fragment of ice hit the eyes of a big rat by blinding it for a moment, then Axia hit the blinded rat with his blades and killed him.

The monsters' nuclei were only enough to survive, Haru was very discouraged, but he did not give up.

The biggest expense was the energy stones for Luxi, Haru could have let go Luxi many times and she with her low magical strength would certainly have died of hardship or because of some monster.

Haru did the impossible to keep his team together and make ends meet.

Haru said. "Enough for today we have finished, we are too weak, tonight after buying two stones of energy for Luxi, we will all go to the inn to relax a little."

Axia was very happy and made a cry of joy then hugged Haru.

They returned to the old shed, Haru had not yet been able to completely repair the shabby roof and the days were getting colder, perhaps winter would come but Haru was not sure, did not know the seasons of this planet.

Haru and Axia washed a little, cleaned the leather armor and together with Luxi headed to the inn of Nawas located in a side of the city, a bit far from the center.

Haru had only been in this inn once, this was the second time he entered.

It was greeted by the scent of food and strong liquor, there were numerous tables crowded by the strangest creatures, men with a beak that seemed eagles, beings with a human body and head like a horse.

Lycanthropes, fish- men, there was everything.

Haru was 1.65 meters tall, Axia 1.64 and Luxi only 51 centimeters, they looked like three elementary school children compared to all these giants.

Haru waited his turn and then sat in a secluded table near the wall, he did not want to be the center of attention, compared to all these creatures he was too weak.

Then Haru called the maid, the waitress about two meters tall looked like a female ogre, her green skin was thick and two fangs came from the sides of her mouth.

"What do you want to eat?" She said.

"Bring us two well-cooked steaks, some roasted meat, and a vegetable soup, a liter of milk, a mug of mead, then when we're done, bring two nice slices of pie or tart."

The noise and the sound of loud laughter filled the smoky room, the air was full of smoke and the scent of alcohol.

The strong lights and all the people massed internally in one room filled the heat room.

Haru and Axia ate their food in silence, Luxi was not sad about not being able to eat this food and she looked at all the people in the room curiously.

Haru had finished his cake and was about to pay the bill and he was leaving, then suddenly the noisy room had even louder noises.

A man three meters tall with his body covered with plaques and a horn on his head like a rhino had slammed his chair to the ground and was savagely beating another creature like him but without a horn.

"Stupid bitch, you suck, you're useless!"

All these words came out of his mouth full of alcohol.

Two powerful fists had struck the rhinoceros woman lying on the ground, a powerful fist had hit the face and the other the side, near the ribs, where the plaque corporeal was less thick.

The woman could not move under the incessant brutal blows, after venting his fury with kicks and punches, the rhino man was blocked by two huge green orcs and thrown out of the room.

The rhinoceros woman lay on the ground still crying and moaning and no one helped her.

Haru got up from his chair and held out his hand to the crying woman and said.

"You come with us!"


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