The miner
15 Magic
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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15 Magic

Haru asked.

"Can you do some magic?"

"Can you create balls of fire, walls of flames, explosions?"

Luxi answered. "I'm still weak, but I can try to do something."

Luxi struggled for 20 minutes, but nothing happened.

Then a faint little flame came out of the sleeves of the tunic, it was so faint that it looked like a little lit match.

Haru thought. "Better this than nothing."

Haru then said. "Wait, maybe your magic attribute is not fire, you try to make a wall of ice, a tornado of snow, a freezing ray."

Luxi once again struggled intensely for a long time and finally managed to make a small ice cube.

Haru thought. "At least in the summer, our drinks will be fresh."

"All right, all right, you do not try harder, you'll try again tomorrow with more calmness, your tunic is a bit dirty and smelly ... Give it to me, I'll try to wash it."

"My tunic is made of a special fabric, it protects me from external elements, I can give it to you, but only for a maximum of 15 minutes, I cannot resist without, beyond this time."

In the old industrial shed, there was a small bathroom that had built Haru, it was a simple shower, a sink a simple basin full of water, and a toilet.

Luxi locked herself in the bathroom and then out of the door ajar came the black smoke with the dirty tunic, Haru had only 15 minutes to wash her.

He immersed her in a metal basin full of water and a powder that smelled of flowers and rubbed it for 10 minutes, then spread it out to dry.

He knocked on the bathroom door and handed the still humid tunic just in time.

Haru was very tired it had been a very tiring day he lay down on the bed and fell asleep immediately.

Axia crouched near his right side and fell asleep herself.

An hour later Luxi came out of the bathroom, her black robe had dried, she too was tired, weak and cold, she lay down beside the hot body of Haru on the left side and fell asleep.

Haru awoke at dawn, yawned then stretched his arms to stretch, he was trying to get up when he noticed one thing, Luxi was strongly clinging to his left thigh under the quilt futon.

He moved her arms around his thigh and went to the bathroom to rinse his face, in a small mirror he noticed his eyes full of bags of fatigue, rinsed with cold water and recovered his usual strength.

Today would have been a very tiring and demanding day, he had read many animés and played with numerous fantasy games, today he would have trained Luxi to the magic.


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