The miner
14 A new companion
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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14 A new companion

Haru asked the creature.

"What's your name?"

"My name is ƾDŽƟňƂƢǑŠijĐƙƔȸɮ!"

Haru had done better not to ask, only to try to pronounce the name, it came to him a big headache.

"Are you also a miner like me and Axia?"

"What does miner mean, I do not understand!"

Haru said. "Are you also kidnapped from your home planet? Do you have a black bracelet?"

The creature answered. "Yes, I was captured ten days ago. The black bracelet? Yes, I have it!"

The creature took the black bracelet from a pocket of his tunic and handed it to Haru.

Haru was very surprised and thought. "He manages to take it off? Is not it fixed in his wrist like mine?"

Haru said. "I will not hurt you, you must stay still for a moment."

The creature answered. "All right!"

Haru pointed his bracelet on the creature, so he thought.


A ray of triangular light struck the creature, for a moment there was a small distortion as if the ray had struck a shield of energy, then the first results appeared.

Subject: Larva of the creature of light.

Race: ┌┬└│┬═│┤ΔΣ┤ ← ┼Π∩⌠┴⌂ ₦ ₯ ₲ ┌┘│ ₩ ₴

Gender:? ( Undefined)

Height: 51 cm

Weight: none (tunic weight 3.2 kilograms)

Level: 1 (no evolution)

Strength: 6

Agility: 12

Speed: 10

Constitution: 7

Defense: 5

Intelligence: 25

Charisma: 8

Mana: 100

Then, there was an impressive number of other indecipherable writings.

Haru understood only one thing, this being had the mana, maybe he could do some spells.

Haru asked."Are you alone? Do you want to stay with us?"

The creature answered. "Yes, please, let me stay with you!"

Haru thought. "I will never be able to pronounce his name, better to look for a simpler name, what name can I choose? Black, little black, mini-me?"

"I spent all my savings because of him and I think I will spend many more nuclei in the future. the main feature is that it will be very expensive and luxurious. "

"I decided I will call her LUXI."

Haru said. "Can I call you Luxi? It will be easier to call you."

The creature answered. "You can call me as you please!"


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