The miner
13 The dark creature
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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13 The dark creature

A black being that looked like a Harry Potter mini dementor had tightly gripped the thigh of his leg.

This being was 50 centimeters high, barely reaching up to its hip basin.

He had a small black hooded tunic, inside his hood one could not see his face because everything was covered by a thick black smoke, even the hands and feet could not be seen, the same black smoke came out of the sleeves of the tunic.

He was raised a few inches from the ground and floated in the air.

His voice had no tone, it could belong to either a man or a woman, it was a neutral voice.

"Help me, please I'm dying ..... food .... food ... give me food ..."

His voice was weaker and weaker.

Haru was very scared, being so suddenly attacked had made him lose a year of life.

That being was asking for help and Haru could not refuse.

Haru lifted the hooded being that was almost weightless and headed home.

He opened the rusty door and deposited the mini dementor on a mat on the floor.

The little black gnome kept repeating the word.

"Food ... give me food ..."

Haru put all the food available in front of the gnome.

"..... no ... no ... this is not ..."

Haru said. "What food do you want? You want blood?"

"... no ... no ... stones ... give me stones ... stones of energy ...."

Haru said. "Axia, you stay here, I'll go straight to the market, I'll be right back."

Haru immediately ran to the market, there were many stalls with all sorts of items, Haru checked every seller and finally found a man selling strange stones.

"Do you have stones of energy?"

The merchant answered. "Of course, I have the best stones in the market, my stones are the purest stones."

"How much does an energy stone cost?"

"The smallest cost 10 nuclei each."

Haru thought "Damn, these stones are too expensive!"

Haru said. "Can you give me a discount?"

"I'm sorry, no, maybe if you buy a large amount, I can give you a discount, but with small sales, I do not gain anything."

All Haru's savings amounted to 31 cores, with the crying heart he bought 3 small stones of energy.

They were bright white-cream stones.

He returned home and handed the stones to the black gnome still lying on the ground.

The gnome came alive and with the sleeves of the tunic took the stones, a luminous flow of energy was absorbed by the sleeves with the black smoke.

After half an hour Haru asked. "Are you okay now?"

The black gnome answered. "Thank you!"


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