The miner
12 New encounter
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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12 New encounter

Before the child Cloe measured the hands of Axia, then built a simple prototype made of wood, after numerous structural changes, finally the little girl created a mold.

The molten steel flowed in the mold and after being solidified a single block was created, a handle enclosed in a rectangular space from which protruded three long blades about 40 centimeters long, the handle was covered with strips of leather useful for an easy grip, the three blades had been sharpened and polished. Two identical weapons were created, one for each hand of Axia.

If they were made with better materials they would have been more resistant, but Haru was not disappointed with the result, with the few cores spent, they were good weapons.

Haru and Axia with the new blades fought endlessly inside the dungeon, everything had become simpler, the speed of Axia combined with the blades of Wolverine gave no escape for the little monsters.

Continuing on the lower third floor of the dungeon the rats had become bigger and bigger, their level had increased.

The monsters' nuclei were evaluated according to their size, the larger the nucleus, the more valuable it had, the small cores of the mice were the weakest coins, even if they had small variations in weight and size they were the smallest currency.

Haru had bought a simple leather armor for Axia, a very strong skin that protected her chest and a leather skirt reinforced with metal plates that protected her thighs.

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Every day he spent all the nuclei earned in the dungeon to buy food and pay the rent, and therefore he had spared only a few cores.

One day he was walking through the streets of the city followed by Axia, to try to hurry up to return home had entered a small alley, a shortcut to get home.

The alley was dark and full of junk and trash, suddenly a black thing clung to the thigh of his foot, his heart scared for a beat.

Then he heard a very weak and feeble voice.

"Hel ..... help .. help me, I'm dying..."


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