The miner
11 Projects
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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11 Projects

Two weeks had passed, after a small fight, Haru and Axia were resting sitting on two rocks inside the dungeon.

Haru said to Axia "You stand still for a moment, I have to check something."

The girl made the sign of assent.

Haru aimed the bracelet on Axia, so he thought.


A triangular light beam enveloped Axia.

Subject: Tiger with human characteristics

Race: §X | & ù ^ §ç \ ò <

Female gender

Height: 1.64 meters

Weight: 54 kilograms

Mane: Red

Eyes: yellow iris

Level 5 (no evolution)

Strength: 35

Agility: 51

Speed: 47

Constitution: 33

Intelligence: 22

Charisma: 18

Mana: 0

As usual, there were other words indecipherable written and technical terms, that Haru has left out.

In these two weeks, Haru has been thinking a lot about Axia's problem, she needed a weapon tailored to her hands, the sword was not suitable.

Haru said. "Tomorrow we go to the blacksmith, buy a weapon that suits you."

The girl did not answer, only bent her head.

The next day Haru and Axia entered a gun shop, it was a famous shop, Haru had noticed numerous people entering and leaving this shop.

Behind the counter was a sturdy little girl with two braids of orange hair, because of her low height she was positioned on a platform, a wooden rise.

Haru looked carefully at every weapon displayed inside the shop, there were numerous halberds, metal spears and sturdy wood in a corner, there were studded clubs, axes, swords, awls, daggers, the store was full of weapons of every like, but there was not the weapon he was looking for.

Haru said to the girl. "Hi, I would like to make a bespoke weapon, I have the project here."

So Haru handed the little girl a parchment with some scribbles that he had done himself.

The girl answered. "Wait, if you have to make a custom-made weapon, I have to call my grandfather."

So she shouted. "Grandpa, grandpa, come, there are customers!"

A very short man showed up in front of Haru, had a sleeveless leather waistcoat and a thick orange beard with many white hairs, numerous wrinkles in his tanned face and arms with huge biceps.

Haru was very happy, he had found the famous dwarf blacksmith of all the stories, this dwarf would have created a legendary weapon for him.

Haru said. "Great dwarf master, I would like you to build a weapon for me, but at the moment I have only a few monster crystals, I can pay you in installments."

The blacksmith got angry. "Stupid brat, try to call me another time dwarf and I'll flatten your skull with my hammer, I do not make a weapon without money this is a rule of my ancestors, Cloe think about it for this stupid."

Then the blacksmith moved away from the room.

The little girl named Cloe started talking. "If this weapon is not too complicated I can do it, I'm a blacksmith's apprentice."

Haru did not have many crystals, so he decided to settle for the girl, showed the parchment with his designs, they were Wolverine's three blades.


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