The miner
10 A new partner
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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10 A new partner

Haru woke up at dawn, by now it had become a customary habit to wake up early in the morning.

He went out without making the metal door creak because he did not want to wake up the tiger girl who was still crouched asleep under the duvet.

In a side area of the city, there was the market, small animals were enclosed in wooden cages, there were stalls selling monsters' meat, counters full of strange fish, a woman sold eggs of all sizes and color of the shell.

Haru went to the stall where fresh milk was sold, there were five different types of milk, Haru chose the sweetest, bought a liter of milk, then bought some sweet focaccia from the baker and bought a lot of dried meat in the butcher, that serves to satiate the hunger inside the dungeon.

He returned home with a large package, he had spent all his cores.

He found the tiger girl weeping under the futon, filling this with her tears.

"What happened, why are you crying?" He asked.

"I miss my mother!" And she kept crying and sobbing.

Haru held her in a hug and for ten minutes there was only the sound of crying.

Haru then asked.

"What's your name?"

The girl replied.

"My name is §àçò | j ^ <AXIA \ §§éòç!"

Haru understood only the word Axia of the whole name, then said.

"Your name is too complicated and difficult for me, I can just call you Axia, all right?"

"All right, you can call me whatever you want."

And she burst into tears again.

Haru thought "This girl is very emotional."

Haru said, "Axia do not cry anymore, I bought milk and sweet sandwiches, later I go to the dungeon, if you want you can stay home, I will definitely be back late."

The girl looked at him with her yellow pupils but did not answer, soon they finished the hearty breakfast and Haru was ready to leave, was stopped by the girl's low voice.

"I come with you!"

Haru said.

"I do not have crystals to buy your armor, so you get behind me, I'll protect you!"

Haru took the small wooden shield and the backpack and followed by the tiger girl headed for the dungeon.


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