The miner
9 The tiger woman
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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9 The tiger woman

Haru had been fighting the rats of Graany's dungeon for three weeks now, he had bought a leather belt and a sword case.

A small armor of leather protected his chest and in his left arm, he had a small round wooden shield reinforced by an outer metal ring.

On his back, he had a small rucksack with his water bottle full of water, some rations of dried meat, a map, a flintlock, some rope, an ointment that looked after the wounds, a stone to sharpen the sword and many other small objects.

In the second level of the dungeon he had discovered the cause of the immense stench, a small smelly green river flowed in the middle of a large tunnel.

In addition to always present large mice, Haru had fought against large black worms that suddenly came out of the ground, against giant cockroaches and scorpions with two tails, he had become very alert, always ready to hold the sword, its reflexes, and its speed, they were increased.

In the green river sometimes come out great tentacles that grabbed the rats dragging them into the murky water and they no more re-emerge.

Haru did not approach the river for any reason, he did not want to make such a horrible death.

Suddenly Haru heard the noise of a fight, someone was fighting.

A girl with a bra and a leather skirt was fighting two big mice, the girl had a tail sticking out from under her skirt and two triangular ears on her head.

She was covered in a short red fur coat with black stripes and looked like a strange tiger.

Maneuvering the sword in an uncertain and insecure manner, she had the same sword as Haru and also the same bracelet.

After killing the rats, she threw himself on the ground exhausted and began to cry.

Haru asked, "Are you hurt?"

The girl answered uncertainly.

"Foo ... food, give me food!"

Haru took the pack on his shoulders and handed the dried meat to the girl.

The girl devoured dry meat in a few big bites.

"Do you want some water?"

Haru handed his flask to the girl who greedily emptied it all.

Haru delivered all his dried meat to the tiger girl and then said goodbye.

He tried to get away from the girl but she followed him incessantly.

Haru turned and then asked.

"Do you need anything? I have no more food, I'm sorry!"

The tiger girl answered.

"Gr...Grr ... me ... ... bring me .... take me with you!"

Haru thought carefully for ten minutes to the right answer, fighting alone was tiring, not talking to anyone for days and days put his mind to the test.

So he decided to accept the girl and said.

"Ok, you can come with me!"

The boy and the girl were the same height, fought all day in the dungeon, the tiger girl was much strong than Haru but the dexterity with the sword was bad, her large hands webbed with claws prevented her from properly grasping the sword.

At the end of the day, Haru and the girl came out of the dungeon, Haru said goodbye to the tiger woman again but she did not leave and continued to follow him.

"Do not you have a place to go, are you alone?"

The girl did not answer.

"All right, you can sleep at my house tonight."

Haru went to the shabby building followed by the girl.

He opened the ramshackle old door and handed his futon a small duvet to the girl, he would sleep on some wooden planks without any blankets.

He had just closed his eyes when he was awakened by the girl, she had nestled close, covering everything with the warm duvet.

Haru said, "All right, you can sleep next to me!"

Immediately the tiger girl with a very long tongue licked Haru's face filling his with her saliva.

Haru said, "Stop it, stop, its late, sleep!"

Haru closed his eyes and fell asleep.


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