The miner
8 The scammer
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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8 The scammer

Haru suddenly woke up at dawn with a pain in the ankle, something was biting his foot.

Still with half-closed eyes he kicked the source of pain and took the sword, ready to defend himself.

He opened his eyes completely and was surprised for a moment, a creature completely covered with hair was near his right foot.

"Bau! Bauu! Rrrrrr ...!"

"Are you a dog?"

Haru's surprise was even bigger, that completely hairy being without any form barked like a dog.

Haru got angry and hit the creature with a strong kick.

"Kai! Kaii!" The creature moved away whimpering.

"Damn it! Shitty day!"

Haru began to cry and his tears were like a flooded river, he thought of his family and his friends and kept crying and sobbing.

Many new swear words were directed against the aliens who had brought him against his will on this strange planet.

He was angry, but he was also very afraid, afraid for his uncertain future, he was alone, without money and without a friend, in a strange and hostile planet.

After about two hours he stopped crying and gave himself courage, he could no longer sleep on the street, there were too many variables, he could be attacked by thieves, even if they would not find anything, because Haru apart from the mediocre sword, did not own anything.

Today's goal was to earn enough crystals to be able to rent a room.

Haru went to the center of the city, found a fountain and began to wash, his face, his arms and legs battered by numerous cuts and bruises, he filled his water bottle with cold and clean water and after finishing, he went to the Graany's dungeon.

He hit and repeatedly hit the poor mutant mice to vent his anger and frustration, the poor rats were the involuntary scapegoats of his hatred against the aliens.

It was almost sunset when Haru came out of the dungeon, had killed 24 mutant mice and his collection of cuts and bruises had increased.

He bought some undefined food from a stall if he had not died from the infections of the cuts, one day he would have died due to a poisoning of the strange foods.

By now it was almost night and could do nothing more, but the next day he would look for a house to live in.

The dawn with its luminous rays filled the sky and Haru immediately awoke from his shelter in the usual old wall.

He had slept very little and two big black signs of weariness adorned his eyes.

Haru spoke with numerous people and finally, a man gave him a great help.

"Young man, if you want to find a room you have to talk to the old §çò§ùçò ^ Jeremiah, it's four blocks from here."

Haru followed the directions and found a yellow-skinned old man with small scales on his face, his white hair was messy and dirty, and his had only one big tooth in his mouth, the last survivor.

"Grandpa, do you have a house to rent?"

"Stupid brat, I'm not your grandfather! Yes, I have a small shed but it will cost you 100 nuclei a month!"

"Grandf .... ehhhm uncle, I can only give you 20 crystals, the rest I can give you little by little, in small installments!"

"It's okay you can pay in installments but if you do not pay at the end of the month I'll throw you out!"

The old man led Haru to an old shed on the outskirts of the city, an old industrial warehouse with peeling exterior walls.

The metal exterior door was rusty and when the door opened he made a loud creak.

Haru entered the large room and immediately noticed a problem, a piece of the ceiling was missing.

On the floor, there was numerous debris definitely parts of the broken ceiling.

"Grandf .... uncle, the ceiling is broken, this house is not worth 100 cores per month!"

"Brat, if you do not want this house, I can rent this to someone else, there's a line of people ready to pay me!"

Haru was not very convinced but he had no choice, so he paid the old crook.


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