The miner
7 Fatigue
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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7 Fatigue

Haru killed the four rats that had attacked him, his clothes had new rips and his body was full of small wounds.

He went on through the endless galleries of Graany, someone told him that this dungeon extended with five subterranean levels.

Haru killed an isolated rat and used "Analysis" of his bracelet.

Subject: Mutant rat body

Breed: ç§ & "^ J &

Gender: Male

Level: 2

Strength: 6

Agility: 10

Speed: 12

Resistance: 5

Defense: 4

Mana: 0

There was numerous other information in an incomprehensible language that Haru could not read.

Haru dissected the mouse's body and took the crystal of the nucleus that corresponded to the dantian, a little below the stomach.

He tore a sleeve of his white shirt that had turned gray because of the dirt and blood, and he put the five crystals of the rats, enclosing them inside the fabric, like a small bag.

He continued his small exploration of the tunnels and killed 9 other isolated rats.

He did not want to get lost in the endless tunnels so he decided to go back to buy a dungeon map.

Haru returned to the surface and began his search for a map of Graany's dungeon in downtown stores.

He entered what looked like a bookshop, shelves full of hundreds of books with leather-bound covers.

The young clerk looked at him disgustedly, Haru was dirty without a sleeve of his shirt and smelled like rat droppings, it was a real crap.

Haru shrugged and then with the attitude of a wealthy nobleman asked:

"Goodman, I'd like Graany's gallery map!"

The clerk wanted to immediately remove Haru because he was making it stink the shop, took a map close to hundreds of similar parchments and said:

"50 nuclei! Thanks!"

Haru replied, "Why is it so expensive?"

The clerk answered.

"Young man, if you have the crystals pay, otherwise you will leave the shop immediately!"

Haru did not have 50 nuclei so he decided to go out, with the few nuclei he had would have bought other necessities.

A new shirt made of durable fabric cost 5 crystals, a metal flask covered with leather cost 3 crystals and the last 6 crystals he used them to buy some roasted meat of unknown monsters, at a stall on the road, at least had satiated a little of his hunger.

The day had passed and now the night was approaching, Haru had no crystals to rent a room inside an inn he had seen.

He turned away from the center of the city and found the broken wall where he had slept the night before, closed his eyes and because of fatigue he fell asleep immediately.


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