The miner
6 New mice
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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6 New mice

Haru thought of the other option, "analysis," a triangular-width beam came out of the bracelet and hit the wall opposite.

New words and statistics have appeared.

Object: stone wall

Structural integrity: 75%

Sedimentary rock: 80%

Lime: 15%

Other materials: 5% (calcium carbonate, gypsum ....)

Haru put the only object he owned, his small sword, in front of the bracelet, and then he thought:


A new triangular ray came out of the bracelet and wrapped the sword.

Object: normal sword

Integrity: 100%

Steel: 90%

Iron: 7%

Carbon: 1%

Other elements: 2%

Physical damage: 12/24

Magic damage: 0

There were numerous other technical terms that Haru did not understand and tried to avoid.

With "State" he could check his statistics, with "Analysis" he could check the statistics of the objects hit by the beam.

Haru was very tired, closed his eyes and fell asleep next to the ruined wall.

At dawn he was awakened by the song of small birds and numerous other noises, the people on this planet woke up very early.

Hunger had increased, today he would look for information and try to earn some money.

Haru spoke with a person he met.

"Hey man, how can I make some money?"

The man answered.

"Money? What is money?"

Haru answered.

"Money is the coins, the dollars, the yen needed to buy food."

"I do not know this money, but if you want to buy food you have to have the cores of the monsters."

The man tired of the argument turned away.

Haru again stopped a new passer-by, a lizard man.

"Friend where can I find monsters with cores?"

The lizard man looked intently at Haru and then answered.

"For the noobs like you there is only one solution, you have to go to Graany's dungeon, you can find the weakest monsters, I do not advise you to face stronger monsters because your strength sucks!"

Haru would have preferred a less sincere criticism, but at least the lizard man was advising him wisely.

Haru greeted the lizard man and walked away.

Four hours later he was in front of what looked like a sewer entrance because of the terrible stench, this was Graany's dungeon inside the city.

He went down the worn rock steps and entered small tunnels, in the walls there were small luminous lanterns that could not dispel all the darkness, he found himself surrounded by numerous red dots, they felt numerous squeaks and was attacked.

"Damn, sh ..., ****, damn misery, still mice?"


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