The miner
5 The ven
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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5 The ven

Haru was upset, looking left and right incessantly, holding his sword tightly in his hand and afraid to let it go as if the sword were a butterfly destined to fly away.

He was afraid but also a lot of curiosity, everything for him was new and beautiful.

In the street, he had inadvertently bumped into a being that looked like a large turtle walking on two legs.

"Eih! Stupid noob look where you're going!"

Haru thought "With the turtles, you can make a good soup, but this guy will be too indigestible and tough because it is a big *******!"

In the buildings there were many shops, Haru was fascinated by the shop windows full of weapons and objects never seen before.

In the streets there were some stalls selling food, an aroma of roasted meat filled his nostrils and his stomach growled.

He was very hungry, perhaps due to the loss of blood inside the white room.

"In every game, they give you some coins, the potion for health, bread, and water! These great stingy and******* and beeps, beeps, ***** their mothers, they gave me nothing! "

Haru vented his anger and frustration with a thousand swear words.

He had drunk some water from a public fountain, and because of hunger, he felt weak and powerless to walk.

Wearily he turned away from the city center, did not want to return to the seven-story building because he was afraid of new tests.

In the city center there were luxurious shops and buildings, but on the outskirts, the outside of the city, the buildings were cruder and more ragged.

Old and dilapidated houses, walls and buildings in ruins, new houses were located next to buildings with broken external walls.

Haru stopped near a broken wall and checked the black bracelet in his left wrist.

He was firmly fixed in the skin of his wrist and could not detach it.

Haru thought "This is the very famous bracelet containing the system, I will have books of skill, weapons, and objects, with the points I buy a bazooka, missiles, and even a tank!"

Haru shouted.

"Come on!"

"Switch on, stupid thing!"

"Open Sesame!"

"It works silly scrap!"

"Ignition system!"

"Sim salà bim!"

"System please light up!"

Haru fumbled for almost an hour on the bracelet but nothing happened, there was no key or button to crush.

Finally, after another hour he had an idea.

"What if it works with thought?"

Haru thought intensely, in his mind there was an image of a functioning system.

Finally, the bracelet lit up, a 3d holographic screen illuminated the area, there were only two options "Analysis" and "State", no exchange shop, no book of skill.

Haru focused on the "Status" option and an image of his naked body that continually rotated came out.

Under the image, there were numerous words and statistics.

Name: Haru Tanaka

Race: Terran

Gender: Male

Age: 16 years

Height: 1.65 meters

Weight: 52 kg

Eyes: Black

Hair: Black

Level: 1

Strength: 9

Agility: 8

Speed: 8

Constitution: 7

Intelligence: 5

Charisma: 4

Mana: 0

Haru asked, "System where do I buy the skills?"

No reply.

Haru continued "System can not you talk?"

No reply.

Haru thought "it's just a simple bracelet with statistics, no AI (artificial intelligence), this is not a system but just a lousy bracelet."

New swear words came out of his mouth.

"Fuc ** to all the aliens and their mothers!" "**** beep, beep *****, ******!"

Right now, he would like to kill the rats again to let off steam.


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