The miner
4 Amazemen
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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4 Amazemen

Haru had come out of the small white room, his clothes ripped covered with bloodstains.

He walked through several corridors and found himself in a large room full of busy people who looked like employees or secretaries of a company.

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They all had folders and papers in hand, it looked like the tax and collection agency, where Haru had paid a fine once.

Only they were not all human, some had tail and horns, the skin color was red and looked like devils, there was one with a human body but in the place of the hands had tentacles with suckers and the head resembled that of an octopus.

Haru had a small sword that dripped blood, the clothes torn and bloodied, making him look like a psychopathic killer escaped from a prison, but nobody paid him the slightest attention, as if it were invisible.

Haru came out of the modern seven-story building and found himself momentarily blinded by the strong sunlight and then he opened his mouth, which remained wide open because of amazement.

It was in the middle of a square full of people of all kinds, there were little giants, Fishmen, lizardmen, gnolls, orcs, gnomes, women and men with white wings that looked like angels, one-eyed Cyclops, giant ants that walked with two legs like humans, there were beings of all kinds and almost all had weapons and armor.

Next to the seven-storey modern building made up of steel and large glass on the outside, there were more modest and humble buildings of two or three floors, built of rocks and bricks, and red-tiled roofs.

There were small buildings that resembled Roman temples with marble columns and large fountains full of water.

The streets were paved with large square rock tiles, there were no cars or traffic lights, but wagons and carriages pulled by strange animals.

No electricity, only small lanterns in the walls with strange stones inside.

It looked like a medieval city, with men and women dressed in cosplay.


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