The miner
3 The first tes
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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3 The first tes

The monotonous and mechanical voice keeps on talking, Haru confused only managed to understand one word out of three, in his right hand there was a small metal sword, Haru looked at his new clothing.

He wore a pair of straw sandals, a pair of trousers made of a coarse brown cloth and a simple white cotton shirt.

He looked like an unemployed and miserable farmer, only the small sword was out of tune with clothing if he had a hoe in his hand and a straw hat would have been a perfect farmer.

The voice without feelings continued incessantly to speak.

"Miner: 158785320982AZKJUTVRW, you have been transported to the planet Gaia (Gea), because Gaia is much larger than your planet of origin the" Earth ", your body has been modified to adapt to the atmospheric pressure and the greater gravity of this planet."

"On the wrist of your right arm a simple control tool was implanted that can be subsequently modified and improved."

"The universal language of the people of Gaia has been installed in your memory."

"All the monsters of the planet Gaia have a nucleus of energy within their bodies, your task as a miner is to dig these nuclei and deliver these nuclei to us."

"You have a regular work contract of 30 years, after having delivered the nuclei obtained, which will be calculated according to your skill level, you can return to your home planet or possibly stay in Gaia. to choose."

Haru shook his head.


"Nuclei of monsters!"

"Am I in a video game?"

"If this is a game at least give me a more powerful sword, maybe an" Excalibur "and not this crap!"

Haru looked disgusted at the miserable sword in his hand.

Haru screamed in the empty room.

"Ouuuuu at least give to me powerful abilities, fire meteors, apocalyptic lightning, laser sight like Superman, I also settle for simple x-rays, to peek under the clothes!"

"Bzzzz ..... bzzzzzz ... not relevant .... not relevant ..."

"Young terrestrial in 10 seconds you will have to extract the first nuclei!"

"9..8..7 ..... 6 ... 4 ... 3..2 ... 1"

Small openings have been opened from the walls of the small room, from which strange mice, 40 centimeters each, have come out.

They had the snout of a mouse with two sharp incisor teeth and 6 legs.

Immediately they rushed against Haru, Haru did not have a shield and used his left arm to protect himself, which was immediately grabbed by the mutant mouse's teeth.

His teeth dug into his arm, which immediately began to bleed.

Haru hit the rat's stomach with his sword, and then he killed it.

The other mice biting the legs of Haru causing new wounds.

For 15 minutes it was the most complete chaos, blood splashes filled the room before completely white.

Ten mice had died on the ground, Haru was covered with numerous cuts and bites and his left arm was bleeding with two big holes and he could not move anymore.

"Bzzzz .... bzz .... Congratulations miner: 158785320982AZKJUTVRW

for your initial success! "

A bright light came down from the ceiling and enveloped Haru taking care of all his wounds but unable to repair the torn clothes.

A small loophole with a small tray opened from a wall and the mechanical voice repeated continuously.

"Put the cores on the tray!" "Put the cores on the tray!"

Haru's wounds had recovered but not his weariness.

"Nuclei?" "Nuclei! This broken machinery wants the cores!"

Haru got up tired from the ground and with the sword opened the bodies of the rats, his stomach grumbled and began to vomit.

The machine continues its constant soliloquy incessantly.

"Put the cores on the tray!" "Putting the cores on ...."

After 20 minutes Haru opened all the bodies and put the ten small red crystals on the tray.

A door suddenly appeared and Haru left the room.


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