The miner
2 Kidnapped by the aliens
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The miner
Author :OldMerlin
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2 Kidnapped by the aliens

Haru was whistling happily on his bicycle, he had bought the "The Witcher 3" game disk and was now heading home.

He was very happy because finally after a month of saving his miserable pocket money, he managed to buy the wonderful game described by all his friends.

He pedaled and whistled happily in the dark night lit only by sporadic street lamps.

Near the city of Sapporo in Hokkaido was its small village, an agricultural community made up of small houses scattered in the cultivated countryside.

Haru was late, but he was in no hurry to go home, he wanted to enjoy the happy moment.

Few trees illuminated by the faint light of the street lamps transmitted their shadows on the small dirt country road.

One could hear the singing of an owl "Chuu Chuu" "Chu Chuu". Beyond the small, dimly lit street, everything was obscure and dark.

Haru was not afraid, he was born and raised in this place and knew the road by heart, he could do this way even with his eyes closed.

Suddenly from the sky, a bright light enveloped Haru and lifted him two meters high.

Haru could not move, could not breathe or even scream.

A light beam lifted him inexorably from the ground, he wanted to shout for help, he wanted to free himself, but he could not and soon fainted.

There was nobody, nobody had seen the ray in the sky and the disappearance of Haru, soon the countryside returned to its normal noises.

The owl in the distance continued his usual. "Chuuu Chuu" "Chuu Chuu"

almost laughing at Haru's kidnapping.

Three months later Haru woke up in a completely white room.

A mechanical voice filled the small empty room.

"Bzzzzz .... bzzzzz .... try ... try ...."
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