The Great Divine Tree
1 First Day First Issue
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The Great Divine Tree
Author :DivineProctor
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1 First Day First Issue

After being in a black void for what seemed like a day Zhao Chi received a system Notification

( System Notice)

Lightning Emperors Branch selected

Special Art Dragons Thunder Clap learned

Stage one. When both hands are clapped together while channeling branch powers a dragon formed out of lightning will hurt and stun all when are touched by the lightning.

A flash blinded Zhao Chi as he shut his eyes he heard a voice As he opened his eyes he saw a beauty who her believed could not be rivalled in looks brunette with blue eyes and freckles across her nose from cheek to cheek. " Master you have awoken are you alright?" Y... yes I'm fine what going on who are you? he said awkwardly. Umm are you sure she said while hitting him on the should do you not remember anything the village was just burnt to the ground and you don't remember a thing she yelled pulsating with anger. We need to keep running to the forest of tricks. I told the survivors to head there and wait at the old village and you need to get their because the chief is dead and your next in line. she quickly said as she got up turned and ran. Zhao Chi got up and tripped a few times and started to run quickly catching up to her. As the moon was high the girl stopped Zhao Chi could see a great sea of fog in front of him as the girl said we are here as she entered the fog. Wait he said as she grabbed his hand a tugged him in. it felt like they were walking for hours suddenly he could see torches and figures holding them only around twenty or so men woman and suddenly he could here the crying and feel the sorrow radiating from the group. Xiao Ming you have arrived and you brought Zhao Chi! Zhao Chi was now the center of attention. The pair were the last to arrive and the forest was quiet. Zhao Chi broke the silence by cracking a joke " This isn't much of a forest if I say so my self" a few laugh were heard. Xiao Ming looked at Zhao Chi " Are you the Zhao Chi we know do you remember what happened at the village" Zhao Chi speaking when he was interrupted " he's a chosen one"


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