The Dark Progenitor
11 I“m sorry for the delay + Exams Are Coming!
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The Dark Progenitor
Author :LordAinzSama
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11 I“m sorry for the delay + Exams Are Coming!

@@I was going to publish the next chapter a LOT sooner, which is currently halfway done~! But I just could not find enough time to write the new chapter and fully patch up the old ones.

I sincerely apologize, since I did say that I was going to publish the next chapter a week ago...

Most of you should be aware that I am mostly unable to post chapters on Monday's, Tuesday's, and Wednesday's due to my extra lessons and studies, and for those who are not aware, know that I cannot guarantee a publish during these three days.


Also, another fact about my current situation is that my exams are coming up once again.

For those who are wondering about the length of this upcoming wave of exams;

My exams will begin in 2 weeks.

I have estimated that the exams will take about 3 to 4 weeks in total before they are finished.

Know that there is a high rate of possibilities that the publishing rates of new chapters will slow down, if not completely come to a halt during the period of my exams. (Normally I would at least upload 2 to 3 chapters per week / even 4 or 5 depending on the circumstances. It's just that I could not find enough time in this week + I am a bit lazy and easygoing person who is cursed with a carefree personality which tends to backfire on me from time to time, meaning that I keep delaying and delaying my plans for writing the new chapter and correcting the old ones.)



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