The Dark Progenitor
7 Do It...
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The Dark Progenitor
Author :LordAinzSama
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7 Do It...

"Little child? I remember that I have told you to stay behind until I have called for you." Zebel said in a calm yet stern manner as his expression slightly hardened.

Seeing his serious face, Yun's expression turned into one of worry before she clutched her hands and continued to run towards Zebel, reaching him before grabbing and pulling on his leg as she shouted;

"B-b-but big brother, I was worried about your safety!"

Looking at her angry yet crying face, Zebel squinted one of his eyes as he lifted his brows before he calmly said;

"What are you worried about, child? Can you not see that I have already dealt with the unsightly meat bags..."

Hearing his words, Yun furrowed her brows as she shook her head sideways, indicating a no. Which caused Zebel to squint his eyes in curiosity once more.

She then tugged on his leg once more before pointing towards the young man which had a serious shoulder injury and the woman whom was trying to tend to the young man.

"T-those two... They have the the crest of the Esther Kingdom!" Yun shouted as she spoke with an angry tone while her expression was an angry one yet she was slightly crying.

Hearing her sudden comment, Zebel's eyes lit up in realization, while the pair looked towards the small girl with curiosity and the man with fear.

"T-thank you for your help sir! A-and yes, we are indeed apprentice guards from Esther Kingdom.."

The young man decided to speak up, his voice sounded prideful, but had a hint of fear inside it.

Hearing the young man's words, Yun cried even more tears as her expression turned sour and even more angry as she shouted while pointing towards them;


This sudden outburst caused the two apprentice guards to wince in shock and confusion, while Zebel did not have a change of expression, and kept staring towards the duo with an expressionless face which had a hint of disinterest.

"Well well, this must be what you humans call fate..." Zebel ridiculed the two shocked apprentices as Yun cried in anger and sadness.

Hearing her sudden accusation, the pair of apprentices look towards each other before looking towards the little girl in a confused yet pitied look.

The woman apprentice took a small step towards the little girl with a caring look on her face as she extended her hand towards the girl as she said;

"Little girl, I am so sorry for your loss... But you must know that the Esther Kingdom is a peaceful kingdom which does not indiscriminately kill innocent people. It must be a group of bandits that posed off as soldiers from the Esther Kingdom..." The woman spoke with a caring yet saddened tone as she tried to convince the small girl from her false thoughts.

Yun did not believe the woman and continued crying, before the man shot back up from the ground he was sitting on and leaned towards Yun while trying to convince her that there was no way that the Esther Kingdom would have killed her grandmother.

"You must be mistaken, little lass! The Esthe-

"Mistaken or not, she said that it was your people that killed her..." A cold voice interrupted the young man from speaking any further.

Hearing the cold voice, the young man and women quickly turned upwards, only to find the beast that killed off those three bandits, loomed over them as his face was covered in a shadow, making it unable to see his expressions.

"She accused you after she spotted your country's emblem on your breastplate, which means that she must have seen it before. And where exactly do you think that she saw it..." Zebel took a step closer as his cold and grim voice echoed inside the minds of the two apprentices.

"B-but sir, the Esther Kingdom is a proud and just kingdom, there is absolutely no way that the kingdom will just off a village without a just cause or reason! It must be bandits that have impersonated the soldiers from the kingdom!" The young man retorted.

"Do you really believe that some bandit group will have enough gear and person to fully impersonate the great numbers of the Esther soldiers? Plus, you do not seem to understand, young boy. I do not care if you are guilty or not, the verdict will be decided by her, as well as your fates..."

Zebel said as he casually crossed his arms while giving a humph towards the shocked duo before turning towards little Yun and asking;

"It is your revenge, child, meaning that it is your decision and responsibility to pick a choice..." in an amused manner as his tempting voice slowly glided around Yun as it slowly moved towards her ears.

Hearing that the choice is up to her, Yun's tired, big eyes opened up as hesitation gleamed with hesitation. She bent her head down, while suddenly, the memories she has spent alongside her grandmother started to surface out from her mind.

All those joyous and cheerful moments she had with her grandmother, all of those fun games she had played with her neighbors and fellow children, all of those precious memories and times she has spent together alongside the village and it's kind people surfaced from her mind as they flashed past her eyes, one by one...

Tears started to flow out from her already tired eyes, her hands slowly clutched as she gritted her teeth. Her sad face turned into one of anger and resentment as she remembered the cursed day, the cursed day where the evil soldiers suddenly marched inside her village and demanded knowledge about some divine energy that was located around the village.

The innocent villagers knew nothing about the matter, yet they were slaughtered for ''treason'' and for some ''obstruction of royal order'' bullshit! Her village burned to the ground as not even children were spared from the killing. Her grandmother told her to run away, but as she did, some burned planks and debris fell on top of her, causing her to get trapped. She stayed there while hearing the screams and pleas of her friends and family, yet all she could do was stay trapped while they all were slaughtered...

Yun's face contorted in anger as she lifted her head up while staring towards the two apprentices with teary eyes and hate before screaming;


As Yun screamed with rage and hate, a big evil smile grew on Zebel's face as he muttered under his breath;

"Hmhmhmh, you did not disappoint me, little child..."

The faces of the two apprentices turned grim as they subconsciously took a step back while gulping in fear.(the young man pushed his body backwards as he was laying on the ground, kinda).

"S-sir, p-please li-listen t-to us, w-we swear that we did not know a-anything about this, so p-p-please s-spare us!" The woman begged while stuttering uncontrollably.

But all of the begging was for naught, as Zebel's figure was once again coated with a streak of red as his eyes beamed with a crimson color before he vanished from his initial place, only to appear back behind the woman!

"W-where did- hGeUH?!"

Zebel then quickly held the woman in the wrist as he lifted her hands above her head while quickly managing to grasp both of her wrists with his left hand, while his right hand went towards the woman's face before he began to caress her cheeks.

The woman, shocked by the sudden occurrence of events, started to sweat nervously as she gasped in shock before letting out some noise with a ragged breath...

Zebel's hand slowly went downwards as his fingers drifted around the woman's chin before sliding on her neck.

Zebel then gently placed his hand below her chin and lifted up her face, before he leaned in and slowly licked her neck, which caused the woman to moan and the young man to blush.

This did not last very long however, as suddenly, Zebel pierced his fangs inside of her neck, causing her to scream in pain as the young man exclaimed in shock as both of their eyes shrunk due to fear.

The woman tried to struggle, but unfortunate for her, Zebel's grip on her wrists were extremely tight, while her energy had been quickly drained up by Zebel, making her weak and unable to struggle any further.

The young man shivered in fear as he watched his companion scream in pain while she twitched around as her body slowly turned paler and weaker.

This went on for a bit before Zebel slowly pulled his fangs out of the woman's neck, causing her lifeless husk of a body to go limp before Zebel casually tossed it away while wiping his mouth.

"Aah, now that is what I call a sweet delicacy." Zebel said before he turned towards the injured apprentice that was way too shocked and afraid to even move.

Zebel advanced towards the apprentice as he thought about something, which caused him to stop on his tracks for a second before he continued to walk towards the young apprentice.

Seeing that the beast that literally drank his companion started to walk towards him, the young apprentice shivered in fear as he tried to crawl away.

But to no avail, before he could even advance more than a few meters, he felt a throbbing pain from his legs, and in response, screamed in pain as he quickly turned around to look at his legs, only to see that the naked creature's pearl like black claws dig inside of his flesh as blood gushes out!

The man shouted in terror as he wiggled around in pain and struggled for his life albeit useless.

Zebel smirked before slightly clutching his fingers while his eyes gleamed in an excited manner, before he pulled on the young apprentice's legs while suddenly pressing on the apprentice's back with his own foot!


The young apprentice screamed before his legs were ripped away by Zebel, causing blood to gush and spurt out towards different directions as the young apprentice wobbled around in pain!

Zebel then threw away the ripped legs before walking in front of Yun. Zebel bent down on his knee to reach her height as he placed his bloodied hand on her shoulder before he started to gently whisper;

"Little Yun, If you want vengeance, then you must be willing to bloody your own hands first... Now come..."

He whispered, causing the child to cutely gasp in nervousness with a hint of fear.

Zebel then slowly rose back up and walked back to the legless apprentice who was suffering agony, before he beckoned Yun with a calm and smiling expression.

Seeing him beckon, Yun nervously walked towards Zebel, whom picked up the drained woman's short sword while he was on his way towards the suffering apprentice.

Zebel then unsheathed the short sword and threw the sheathe away, before crouching down and flipping the sword around and lightly gesturing Yun to pick the sword up.

Yun nervously walked forwards and tightly held the sword, causing her to inspect the blade as her breathing turned a bit more rigid.

Zebel then casually leaned sideways and grabbed the apprentice by his neck and brought him right in front of him before ripping off both of his arms, which caused the apprentice to wail and scream in agony as his face contorted in pain and despair.

Normally he would have already turned unconscious or bled out, but Zebel had already plunged his index finger on his neck, causing the apprentice's body, especially his blood to obey every single command of Zebel, meaning that he would be unable to pass out or bleed to death unless Zebel wished it so.

Zebel tightly held the apprentice close to his chest with one of his arms while he gently placed his other arm on Yun's shoulders, urging her to impale the young man.

"Little Yun, open up your eyes and look into his eyes..."

Zebel calmly said, causing Yun to whimper in nervousness for a bit, but in the end, she opened up her closed eyes and stared deep into the young man's eyes.

They looked into each other's eyes, the young man's eyes were full of pleas and agony as his tears and snot ran deep across his face, while Yun's shaking hand caused the short sword to shake slightly.

This took a bit of time, but Zebel had all the time in the world... He waited and waited, until he noticed that Yun had slowly lifted up the sword and was going to pierce the young apprentice right in his heart.

This sight caused Zebel to grin in satisfaction, which caused his fangs to gleam under the sunlight. He then smoothly undid the apprentice's breastplate, which caused it to fall on the cold ground with a metallic noise.

As the metallic plate fell onto the cold ground, Yun's hands moved forwards as she plunged the sword inside the man's chest, causing the man's eyes to widen in pain. But before he could open his mouth and scream, Zebel swiftly moved his hand and successfully covered up the man's mouth with his strong palm, causing the screams and pleas to come out as muffled noises as the life in his eyes had started to slowly drain...

After the young apprentice had bled to death, Yun pushed forwards one last time before she quickly let go of the hilt of the sword and staggered backwards, causing her to fall back on her butt.

Seeing this, Zebel chuckled before his expression turned neutral as he pushed the dead body of the young apprentice, along with the tip of the short sword out of his chest.

The body fell down with a thud, revealing Zebel with a chest wound which soon quickly closed up.

Zebel then walked towards Yun, who was crying on the ground, her hands bloodied and her body shaking as her tears streamed down from her face.

Zebel bent down and gently held Yun from her body, before slowly pulling her towards his chest and hugging her while he caringly rubbed her back while whispering her that she had done well.

This caused Yun to cry even harder as she hugged Zebel before rubbing her eyes, causing her tears to have a tinge of blood. Zebel then embraced Yun and comforted her by rubbing her back and head while whispering that she had done well, and that how he and the deceased villagers were proud of her.

This went on for a bit before her tired mind had caved in and her tired eyes to shut, causing her to fall into a deep slumber.

Zebel looked at the sleeping child's bloodied face before using his thumb to wipe the blood off of her face. Zebel then sighed as he pondered about their next future encounters and achievements, while hours passed by each other....
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    《The Dark Progenitor》