The Dark Progenitor
6 I Am Here!
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The Dark Progenitor
Author :LordAinzSama
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6 I Am Here!

Before you read, I wanted to point out that I am a huge fan of the C*stlev*nia Series, and the kind of Vampire that Zebel is, is a mixture of the Vampires from C*stlev*nia and J*J*'s Biz*rre Adv*ntur*s.


Zebel slowly advances forwards before pushing a few bushes and branches aside from his path, revealing six figures that appear to be hostile towards one another.

"You scum are under arrest for stealing from the innocent folk!" A young man shouted towards another man.

"Stealing? Listen here you brat, we are only taking protection fee from the people! It's the Esther Kingdom's fault that they don't care about their people, so don't blame us for benefiting from it!" A middle aged man barbarically retorted back towards the young man.

"Your sins must be pun- <Rustle~, Rustle~> ...What was that noise?..." The woman said before they slowly turned towards the location of the weird rustling noise.

Zebel came out from the wild bushes as he was finally able to identify the people before him.

The figures of people reveal themselves to be humans, five males and a female. The humans appear to be arguing about something while pointing towards different directions and shouting stuff towards one another, but they seem ragged and some injured, indicating that a fight had taken place between them.

Zebel walked forwards while examining the people before him. He saw that a young man with brown hair and a woman whom had yellow hair and blue eyes that wore similar leather armor with a bit of silver armor attached to some parts of their bodies, such as their chests, hands and legs. They also positioned themselves a bit close for additional defense, indicating that they are possibly from the same team of adventurers or some kind of guards.

Zebel then turned his gaze a bit towards left and examined the three middle aged men that were in a "defensive position", meaning that they held their weapons in front of themselves as they looked towards the new party. The men had leather clothing that was decorated with a bit of stitching and furs from a few different animals, worn in such a way that the clothing would cover their stomachs but would reveal their hairy chests as the strings from their clothing dangled around the chest gap. Their outfit and weapon getup along with their manners clearly showed that they were the generic thugs and bandits.

Yun childishly peaked her face from Zebel's head as she curiously gazed towards the two groups with her big childish eyes while switching her gaze between the two groups before she felt a pair of hands grab her and gently pull her away from her big brother's head.

"Eeh? Big brother, what's wrong?" Yun asked as Zebel slowly placed her down on the ground.

"Things might get a bit out of control, so I want you to head back towards that bush and wait until I call you again." Zebel calmly said as he petted the small Yun's head.

"Mhm!" Yun nodded in acknowledgement before she childishly ran back towards the bushes while Zebel casually turned around and walked between the pair of young guards and the three bandits.

"W-who the hell is this guy... *Why's he naked?*"

"Brothers, we should keep a'r guards up... *I'm feelin' a bad omen*..."

"D-don't worry brother, we have the numbers and the guy's buck naked...*Huoa, the guy's hella muscular! H-his eel is way bigger than mine* ..."

"D-do not drop your guard! *Who is that man? I hope that he is not an enemy, as I have lost way too much blood... Whoa, I-It's that big...*"

"Y-yes I-I know... *K-kyaa, a naked and handsome m-man!?*"

The group of people thought or murmured at each other as Zebel casually waltzed between the two groups before placing his arms on his waist while asking;

"So, what the hell are you guys doing in a forest such as this?"

Hearing his question the people turned silent as they did not expect a sudden question from the man, but then the young guard stepped forward as he exclaimed;

"T-these bandits belong to a lawless group which camp around the travelling roads in order to ambush and pillage travelers and merchants! These damned criminals kill the ones who refuse to pay with their entire possessions or if they are poor and unable to pay!"

Hearing the words of the young guard, a bandit clicked his tongue while the other two started laughing as their stances changed into one of aggression.

One of the bandits sneered and said;

"That boy is wounded and the woman can't fight against the three of us! So seeing that you do not have an ounce of valuable items, we'll be kind and let you off... But leave the little lass behind..."

Hearing him, Zebel calmly turned around and looked towards the young guard, whom was clutching his shoulder which blood was dripping out from, and the guard woman whom had a worried and scared expression as she sifted her gaze from the enemies to check on her friend from time to time.

Zebel then slowly turned around as his expression contorted into one of disgust and anger as he stared towards the three bandits.

"You dare to order me? Know your places, you walking meat bags!" He spoke with a cold and disdained tone as his crimson eyes shone in an intimidating manner.

Wind blew past from Zebel's back as his hair waved around while his arms slightly moved backwards while his hands opened up in a claw style, revealing his deadly nails. Then a strong pressure suddenly fell on top of them, causing their instincts to go wild as they exclaimed in shock before taking a step back while they started to sweat.

"B-brothers...<Gulp>.. what do we do?"

One of the bandits asked as he took a step back due to the sudden pressure.

"I-I don't know!" The other bandit retorted as he lifted his ax up, his eyes twitched in fear due to his instincts.

"C-calm yourselves, you two! He is but a naked man, while we are t-three people and we are geared up!" The third bandit shouted, which caused the other bandits to look towards him before they turned back and nervously laughed.

But to their shock, Zebel was not at his initial location!

Everyone present had a surprised expression as the bandit on the left felt a gust of wind pass him by, while he stumbled back due to an unknown reason.


The bandit hummed as he slowly tilted his head towards his side, only to see that instead of his left arm, there was a gushing wound that was bleeding profusely!


The bandit exclaimed in terror as his face contorted and twisted in pain and agony!

He quickly fell down on the ground and shook violently while grasping on his shoulder which was spurting out blood, covering his body in a small puddle as the bandit moved around in pain.

Seeing their comrade's arm suddenly disappear, the other two bandits exclaimed in shock as they took a step back and turn around. And when they did, they managed to notice a figure that was a bit ahead of them.

The figure had crouched down like a tiger, yet it's claws were not touching the ground but was standing slightly above it in an 'X' shape. The figure's crimson eyes gleamed in a bloody color as it harshly bit down on the weird thing that was in it's mouth, causing it to spurt out a weird liquid...

The weird thing... The gooey liquid... The bandits exclaimed once again as they quickly looked at their comrade that was still wailing in agony as he clutched his shoulder, before quickly shifting their gazes back at the deadly beast. Their small brains began to process the information, which made the bandits exclaim once more before they pointed towards the beast and screamed in fear;


Just as they shouted this, Zebel had finished drinking the arm and violently crunched down on the skin and bone of the arm, causing it to split in two before falling on the ground.

A gulping sound harshly echoed on the forest, causing the bandits and guards to gulp in fear and realization as their breathing became rigid.

Zebel then licked his lips before saying;

"It will take some time for me to get used to my raw strength, let alone any of my abilities, as my sheer leg power managed to surprise even me... But t-this b-blood... I-It...It is... SPLENDID! I might seriously get addicted to it!"

Zebel then grabbed his face that had a pleasured and ecstatic expression with a bit of blush.

The entire place was filled with silence as the sound of the wind could be clearly heard in the background while the noise of armor crackling was heard.

Zebel looked down, only to see that the two guards had tripped and fallen down.

He then chuckled as his blood red eyes slowly shifted towards the remaining bandits. The bandits were actually trying to slowly walk away!

"How laughable!" Zebel thought as his image disappeared once again.

He then suddenly appeared in front of the two bandits, which caused the two to "Eep" in fear and fall down on the ground before they quickly turned around and stared at Zebel with wide eyes. They then started to beg for their lives and started kowtowing to Zebel.

"Huh, you are.. kowtowing? ...Hahahaha!" Zebel looked towards the two bandits with a surprised expression with one of his brows raised, before it turned into an expression of amusement as Zebel bent backwards and started laughing while holding his face with one of his hands.

The bandits grew nervous due to the sinister laughter, but right now all they could do was to beg for mercy.

Then suddenly the laughter stopped, and the bandits looked up due to their curiosity only to see Zebel, looking back down at them with an ecstatic expression.

Their eyes met as Zebel calmly spoke;

"Apologies, but you see, I was in need of some testing rats in order to learn more about my abilities. And since you two were so kind enough to volunteer yourselves..."

He did not finish his words, but instead disappeared from his location for a second before he appeared once again, only to swiftly kick one of the bandits right in the head!

<Bones breaking and Flesh ripping apart> <Head Crushing Sounds>

The man's head was unable to bare with the sheer power of the kick, which caused it to crush and pop open! It's skull shattered and the flesh got ripped apart due to the force of the kick.

The man's head exploded like a watermelon as it scattered around, leaving brain parts around the directory of the kick.

"A-Ah... a-a-AAAAAEAGHHHHH, N-NO PLEASE, I D-DON'T WANNA DIEE!" The other man slowly exclaimed, since everything had happened in such a short amount of time, the man was barely able to process what had happened before Zebel suddenly appeared in front of him.

In response, Zebel said nothing, as he was trying to concentrate on his abilities in his mind;

"*C-come on, focus... I can do it, just imagine going faster and at the same time, maintain control...*"

As Zebel was thinking while he strained his mind, unknown to him, his eyes started to glow with a crimson color as this time, the same bright red color enveloped his body as a streak, causing the onlookers to exclaim in shock once again, as everybody started to view Zebel as a monster instead of a man.

Zebel was covered with a streak of crimson light, then suddenly, his body moved forwards, leaving red afterimages behind!

The onlookers were too shocked and scared to notice the sudden increase in speed and control, but compared to his usual speed, his current speed was easily three times faster than his previous speed.


Before the man could understand what had happened, Zebel had already appeared behind him and impaled him with his claw! If one looked really closely, one could notice that the crimson streak that surrounded Zebel had already vanished.

The man wailed in agony as Zebel slowly pressed forwards, drilling through the man's insides as the noises of flesh ripping apart echoes around.

Then accompanied by the man's painful cry, Zebel's hand burst out from the man's chest! Inside Zebel's hand was a beating heart, that was ripped off clean from the man's punctured chest.

A cruel grin appeared on Zebel's face as he paused for a moment, letting the bandit soak all of the pain and the experience in. After a moment, Zebel suddenly squished the heart, causing it to explode and burst into tiny pieces while blood splashed around even more.

The bandit's wails and movements became sluggish as he slowly bled to death...

After the man bled out, Zebel raised his brow before he jerked the bandit's body in an inhumane way before throwing it away.

Zebel then looked down at himself as he slightly moved his arms and fingers around.

"Aaahh, I am starting to get the hang of this indeed..." He whispered to himself before slowly turning his gaze towards the bandit that was wailing on the ground in agony, because of his ripped off arm.

Zebel then tried to activate that crimson streak once more, and this time he only managed to activate it after three tries!

Then with the same visuals, red afterimages of Zebel coiled around the wailing man for a second before Zebel suddenly appeared above the bandit.

Before the bandit realized what had happened, Zebel plunged his fingers inside the man's throat, causing him to shriek and shudder in pain!

Then suddenly the man began to spasm around as the last hanging colors on his already pale face quickly drained out, leaving behind only a husk of the bandit, and a satisfied Zebel.

"Mmhmm, such a weird flavor indeed! Too bad that they were nothing but unsightly middle aged uncles, or I might have actually tried to enjoy my first feeding..." Zebel scuffed as he walked towards the pair of guards with his chin up.

The pair of guards were petrified beyond speech, as they could not even manage to squeeze out a bit of noise as the monster that was known as Zebel slowly walked towards them.

Zebel then spoke calmly;

"So then, how about you tw-

But before he could finish his words, he saw a small figure run towards him while shouting;

"B-big brootheer!"

This caused the pair of guards to turn towards the running figure, and Zebel to lift his brow as he also turned towards Yun, whom was running towards him.

"Little child? I remember that I have told you to stay behind until I have called for you." Zebel said in a calm yet stern manner as his expression slightly hardened....
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    《The Dark Progenitor》