The Dark Progenitor
5 Big Brother?
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The Dark Progenitor
Author :LordAinzSama
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5 Big Brother?

Note: If you are wondering about the looks of the little girl, google "Little/Child Jinsoyun"


The sun rose through the sky and gently shone throughout the green forest, revealing a pair of figures sitting in front of a mound of burnt twigs.

Zooming in, the figures are revealed to be none other than Zebel, and on his lap is the little girl that he saved previously. (bet you never saw that coming...)

As the sun gently brushes upon their bodies, the little girl groans as her eyes slowly open. As she opens her eyes, she sees a young, pale figure with dark red hair and crimson eyes with dark outlines. Looking at him closely, the girl notices that the figure above her also had pointy ears and also had 3 moles on the lobule of his left ear.

The girl's groans were not past unheard by Zebel, which in turn looked down towards the girl that was lying down on his lap.

Their tired eyes met as silence filled the air for a second, which was ended as Zebel held the girl from her attire's back and lifted her up to his level before asking;

"Oi girl, now that you have woken up, it is time to tell me about your village."

Hearing his sudden comment, the girl looks towards Zebel with a tired expression which slowly turns into a surprised one, then which turns into an expression of shock and sorrow as she begins to cry and wobble around on the air.

"This is why I hate to babysit kids... Although she is rightfully justified, the crying and wailing is really annoying..."

Zebel sighs in annoyance before he looks back towards the readers and gives off a "What?" look before turning back towards the crying child once more.


The cries of the little girl continues for about five minutes or so until she manages to calm down and turn towards the unknown man once more.

Seeing that she has stopped her wailing, Zebel poked the girl by her nose and asked again;

"Little child, if you are done with your grieving, could you please tell me about what has happened to your home village?" in a lighter tone.

The girl wiped her face with her arm before she started to explain with a bit of stutter;

"M-my grandma' wa-was hanging c-clo-cloth, th-then-n soldiers from the Esther Kingdom ca-came..." before the girl could say anything else, she started to cry and wail around once again as she remembered the fates of her fellow villagers.

Seeing her cry again, Zebel held his temples as he sighed in annoyance before getting up and shaking the dust off of his... well, his bare chest...

"Wait, what..." Zebel lightly spoke as his gaze slowly shifted upon his body.





"HORRRI SHEEEET, I HAVE NO CLOOOTHEEEEEEES!" Zebel exclaimed as he took a step back because of the sudden shock and realization!

Hearing him scream like this, the little girl stops her wailing and turns towards the shocked Zebel before asking in a scared tone;

"B-big brother... i-is s-someth-thing wr-wrong?"

Zebel quickly looked towards the girl and began to sweat while thinking;

"(D-does she not know about the proper etiquette about clothing... Well, just go with it, since I am a noble lord I should be able to hang tight until I find some clothing...)"

He then coughed before turning back towards the little girl and asking;

"Little child, It seems unknown that why the soldiers attacked your village, but now that what's done is done, what do you plan to do now?"

The girl stood there with her head down, looking at the ground as specs of tears fall down, wetting the solid dirt as a moment of silence occurs...

After a while later, she then slowly lifts her head up and looks towards Zebel with a hardened yet a saddened and weak expression as streaks of tears was down from her cheeks.

She then slowly walks towards Zebel and when she is close enough, she suddenly throws herself on his feet as she starts begging for him to take her alongside him and help her.

Zebel, seemingly surprised at first, regains his composure while his crimson eyes shone with an even bright color of red as his pupils turn into slits while his dark red hair is brushed sideways because of the light breeze. His expression slowly changed as his grin got bigger by the second, exposing his deadly fangs in the process. His expression had become warm and welcoming, but with a hint of an ominous feeling...

He then slowly crouched down and extended his hand towards the girl on the ground.

Seeing this, the girl cried with joy as she slowly embraced the hand that was bigger than her head before Zebel slowly picked her up and pressed her head on his chest, whilst whispering;

"It is alright now little child, you are safe with me... It will take some time for you to get used to it, but together, we shall embark upon a long journey as I guide you on your path of vengeance..." towards the girl's ear.

The girl then cried as she embraced (tried) Zebel for a bit while he patted the girl's head for comfort before Zebel placed her on top of his shoulders, having her sit on his shoulders as she leans and lays around his head in a comfortable way because of his smooth yet wild dark red hair.

They stayed like this for a bit until the girl asked to Zebel;

"S-should I call you Master... or Big Brother...." in a stuttering way as she was still nervous and weak.

Zebel sighed as he said;

"I do not really care, just call me whatever you would like..." in a bored manner as he waved his hand around.

Hearing this, the little girl cheered up as she quickly answered;

"Big brother then!" with a satisfied expression on her little face.

Seeing this, Zebel sighed before he got up once again and asked the girl;

"Now then child, pick a destination for us to go towards."

"Does big brother want to go to a... Hmm, what was the word... -O-oh yeh, specific! A specific place?" The girl answered as she looked down towards Zebel in a curious way with her big eyes.

"Nope. All you need to do is to pick a direction that you want to go towards, then we will go that way. Easy as that." Zebel answered plainly.

"Oh, alright! Hmm... then..." The little girl began to gesture towards different directions as she began to mumble an unknown rhyme down her breath...

"There! Big brother, I want to go that way!" The girl cheerfully pointed towards a direction while lightly tugging on Zebel's hair.

"Oh, that way? Alright then." Zebel casually said as he began to walk towards the direction which the little girl pointed at.





The little girl, seemingly comfortable on her new "seat", wobbles around with a satisfied look on her face. Then suddenly, a violent growling noise was heard above Zebel, to which the latter just lifted his head up a bit as he hummed in a curious manner.

The little girl held her stomach while an embarrassed expression was present on her face along with a light blush.

Seeing her expression, Zebel laughed out loudly as he clenched his stomach due to the intense laughter while mocking the girl about her stomach making beastly sounds, to which the girl replied by blushing even more due to the teases and comments about her stomach.

Zebel then managed to calm down before saying;

"Oi, little child. I will get you some food, so hold on tight, so that you will not fall."

Even though the girl did not understand the reason behind his words, she still clung on Zebel's head as hard as she can due to her instincts.

Then suddenly, Zebel jumped upwards and propelled himself around a few trees before landing on a big branch. He then reached upwards and plucked a few apples from the matured tree before jumping down at the ground.

The little girl was feeling dizzy and woozy as her eyes were spinning around due to the sudden burst of speed.

Zebel then poked the girl's head before holding a few apples that he collected, in front of the girl, which manages to get her out of her daze before she started to greedily devour the apples.

Seeing this, Zebel chuckled before he looked down on his palm, where a single apple was left on it. He looked towards the girl devouring the apples and thought that that much was enough for her. He then brought the apple in front of the right side of his face, but instead of biting it, he casually plunged his right fang in the small apple.

Zebel then began to suck out the apple inside out with a casual expression, as if he is drinking with a plastic straw. The apple was quickly absorbed as it gradually shrank and started to get wrinkly, which then Zebel carelessly flung the remains backwards.




While they were walking forwards, the girl finished her meal and looked towards Zebel with a curious expression before asking;

"Soo... big brother, what is your name?"

Zebel then looked up to see the curious child gazing at him intensely. He then sighed and plainly answered;

"Me? Well, I've had many names... But you can call me Zebel."

"Ooh, Big brother Zebel!" The girl repeated as she grinned happily.

"So if we are asking names, tell me then child, what is your name?" Zebel asked with an amused grin.

The girl's happy smile turned into an "o" as she looked up for a second before answering;

"My nameee, It's Yun! hehe!" with a happy smile as she continued to hug Zebel's head.

"So then Yun, could you tell me more about your life before...*ahem*... the unfortunate events..." Zebel discreetly asked.

Yun's expression turned sad for a bit, before turning back into her neutral mood as she began to tell Zebel about her life;

"Big brother, before I met you, I did not know have any family. I do not remember much, but I remember walking around and being brought to my village by some farmers. Then I met Granny!" Her expression turned happy on her last sentence as she continued to tell her story;

"Granny adopted me and looked after me! She was nice and cheerful. We stayed in a small house and washed dirty cloth, but it was all really fun! Then, one day... T-the..."

Before she could continue with her story, Zebel placed his hand on her head and ruffled it, causing her to stop talking and being distracted.

"Don't worry now, as you are safe and on your path to vengeance and fun, it would make your Grandmother so proud!" Zebel said in a cheerful tone as Yun exclaimed in surprise and happiness.

A bit later, Yun then turned towards Zebel and curiously asked with an innocent expression;

"Sooo, Big brotheeer, are you a demon?"

"Aah, demon?" Zebel was seemingly surprised by the sudden question.

"What makes you think that I am a demon?" Zebel asked in a curious yet hard tone.

"W-well, big brother is really pale, and has pointy ears along with black nails and scary eyes. Also big brother is really fast and can jump real high!" Yun childishly exclaimed as she lifted her arms up and around.

Hearing her description, Zebel chuckled in amusement before he calmly said;

"I am not a demon, but a Noble Vampire."

Yun tilted her head sideways in a curious style as she asked;

"Vamp-aire~?... What's that?"

"Vampires, you ask? Vampires are the supreme race that is meant to dominate and control every other race! Vampires have special traits and abilities that are unique and way superior than every other race, meaning that we are better than them in every single way possible. Being a Vampire basically means that you can do anything that you wish to do!" Zebel explained as his face lit up with joy while he gestured around with his muscular arms.

Seeing Zebel excited and hearing how cool the "Vampires" are, Yun's face also lit with excitement as she tugged on Zebel's hair while exclaiming;

"Big bro, Big bro! Being a Vampire seems too much fun, I want to be one too! That way I can easily make the villagers happy and be free! Can I be one, Can I?" in an excited and cute manner.

Hearing Yun's sudden exclamation and excitement, Zebel laughs out loud before saying;

"Of course you can! I can make you a Vampire, because Vampires are veeeery special and one of their many specialty is that they can make other people Vampires!" in a cheerful and playful tone.

Yun was really excited because she could become a Vampire, but Zebel quickly said;

"Now hold your excitement... As I will not turn you into a Vampire for now... But when you grow up and have the same resolve, only THEN you can finally become a Vampire." in a cheerful yet serious way.

Hearing Zebel say that he won't make her a Vampire now, Yun's morale dropped down as she moaned about unfairness while tugging around Zebel's hair while pressing on his head, which Zebel just laughed off and reminded her that when she grows up, he will turn her into a Vampire.

This manages to cool down Yun as Zebel ruffles her head once more before Zebel starts walking forwards once more.

After filling up her stomach, Yun's eyelids get heavier as she yawns before slowly closing her eyes while she leans on Zebel's head before she quickly drifts off to sleep...

"Hehehehe, For us to meet like this... It must be fate indeed, little child... Now let us see how you will serve to entertain me..." Zebel mumbled in his mind as his grin grew larger once more...





Zebel continued to walk for an hour or two until he heard a weird noise coming from some distance in front of him.



<Trok Trek Tak Takk>

With Zebel's enhanced hearing, he easily heard and discerned the sounds of steel clashing and people or things hitting the ground, which made him curious about the events that are unfolding a few meters in front of him.

Zebel checks on Yun, and sees that she is still soundly asleep.

He looks around a bit before slowly poking Yun's head, which causes the latter to grumble as she slowly and lazily wakes up from her sleep. But before she could say anything else, Zebel calmly signals her to be quiet and tells her to hold tightly onto him, which Yun nods in agreement.

Zebel then slowly walks forwards for a bit of time before he finally reaches to the place where the noises are coming from.

As being this close to the source of the noises, Zebel is able to hear and make up a few words. He then slowly advances forwards before pushing a few bushes aside from his path, revealing...
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    《The Dark Progenitor》