The Dark Progenitor
4 The Girl Who Lived...
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The Dark Progenitor
Author :LordAinzSama
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4 The Girl Who Lived...

For those who do not know, Zebel in my mind has Dio's voice from J*J* and also moves similar to Dio + Carefree people who fling their limbs around unnecessarily (For example Jack Sparrow moving his arms in a weird manner as he walks or Ban from S*v*n D*adly S*ns who is carefree in fights). Anyways I hope you enjoy the story!


"Now what should I do with you..."

Zebel pondered as he slightly shook the body of the small girl.

He thought that maybe it would be best to just feed upon her while she was unconscious, but then he thought;

"Ugh... I might be the Papa Vamp, but I'm still against feeding on an innocent child..."

Zebel lifted the unconscious little girl up as he sighed and decided to look around the village a bit more in order to find something or someone of any value.

He toured around the village five times while he carelessly shouted and searched around to find any clues or items that might help him discover about what had transpired here. But to no avail, forget a single person, Zebel could not even find a single clue about what had transpired inside this village.

Zebel toured around the village one last time before he lifted both of his arms up, causing the little girl to also be lifted upwards while Zebel exclaimed;

"Alright, I cannot do this anymore... I give up..." with a bored expression.

He then lifted his arms downwards before he held the unconscious girl in front of him before saying;

"Well sorry there little miss, but I was not able to figure out anything about this village so I'll be going now..."

Zebel then pondered to just throw the little girl away, but his hand just could not let go of the innocent girl that was in his grasp.

Zebel sighed in defeat after he looked at the girl with an irritated expression which was followed up by a carefree expression. He flung the girl on his back and held her attire's neck with his middle finger, and carried her just like how one would normally carry their coats.

Zebel picked a random way and started to walk towards said way until the sun had started to set...





The color of the sky was a mix of blue and yellow, and the sun gleamed in an orange color which indicated that it was going to be nighttime soon. Zebel had no worries as he was literally the lord of shadows and there was not a single nocturnal creature that was better than him. But he thought about the girl on his back and he began to wonder if he was actually strong enough to look after the girl that was resting on his muscular back. Yes he was the Vampire Progenitor, but what if he was bound to a level caption and could not use or have most of his abilities unlocked. Hell, what if he was just level 1, and a single beast inside this forest was at least level 2. That would cause him a lot of problems...

He then realized that even if he was the Papa Vamp, he still did not know much about his physiology and abilities. Meaning that even if there was no level caption, he was still not able to use or utilize most, if not all of his abilities.

With all of that considered, he decided to have the little girl and himself stay on a safer place tonight.

Zebel looked around and managed to quickly find an open spot inside the green forest, the spot was not particularly filled with trees or bushes and had a straight grassy ground.


Zebel exclaimed as he flung himself right in the middle of the open area. He then began to scout around for possible beasts and or nests that was around this area. After a bit of scouting, Zebel happily concluded that there were no stray or wild beasts and or nests that would possibly pose a threat to the Vampire/ Girl duo.

"Well then girl, hyuuooppha... just lay there for a bit until I gather some old twigs!"

Zebel said as he placed the unconscious girl down on the grassy ground before quickly disappearing from sight.

He then appeared on a tree with a bit of twigs stuffed on his free hand for a second before disappearing away once more! This kept going on about a minute and a half until Zebel finally collected a big mound of twigs!

Zebel then reappeared on where he left the little girl before quickly throwing down the mound of twigs down on the ground with a carefree expression.

"Hahahaha! I, Lord Zebel has gathered a mound of twigs that are fit for my royal campfire! Hehehe, just as expected of a great being such as I!"

Zebel praised himself as he bent backwards while opening his arms sideways.

He continued laughing until his eyes shrunk as he inhaled in shock;

"UGH! I do not know how to light fire on this mound of twigs..." Zebel exclaimed as he slightly started to sweat in embarrassment.

He quickly looked towards the little girl with fear that she might have woken up just in time to witness his stupid boasts.

Seeing that the little girl is still asleep, Zebel sighed in relief as he held his chest. He then strolled in a circle to think for a way to light the twigs aflame...

A minute later, Zebel exclaimed as he lightly tapped his hands together in a fist and palm style;


Zebel then quickly disappeared from his initial location for a second before reappearing back with a pair of stones on his hands!

He then quickly walked towards the mound of twigs and valiantly jumped right on the center of it, not forgetting to spin around himself while gently flinging his limbs around for extra entertainment.

As soon as he landed, Zebel crouched down and held the two stones that were present in his hands closer to each other as he thought inwardly;

"These stones may not be flint stones, but I believe that with my superior strength, I can collide them really hard to produce a good amount of sparks!"


Zebel then crushed the two stones on each other in a zigzag manner which had been done in a flash in the eyes of a normal human.


The stones collided onto each other in a violent demeanor, causing lots of sparks to fly and light the twigs aflame! But the stones could not bear the strength of the impact and had shattered due to their fragility.


Zebel exclaimed with a happy tone as he joyously flung himself down from the burning mound of twigs.

After jumping down from the mound of twigs, Zebel strolled towards the little girl and lifted her up before strolling back towards the burning mound.

Zebel then threw himself down on the ground and sat in a relaxed position while holding the girl on his hands. He was curious as to why the girl had not waken up already, as hours had already passed after she fell unconscious.

He seated the little girl on his lap and held her back with his hand, while his free hand went on her nose in order to check if she was still breathing, which fortunately she was.

Zebel sighed in relief as he began to check her pulse, only to find that it was indeed... pulsing.... Zebel did not know about any medical knowledge from his past life, which was the reason of him being unable to diagnose if the girl had something wrong with her or not. Of course he knew about basic knowledge in medical care, such as the importance of veins and pulses along with standard organ knowledge. But he did not know anything about diagnosis or any of the matters above practical knowledge.

Zebel pondered around as to what he should do for some time, before he suddenly had an idea and concluded that it was the time for his newly gained Vampiric prowess to shine!

He did not know what to do, but his instincts suddenly kicked in as he quickly stabbed his index finger inside the little girl's chest! The stabbed place did not leak a single ounce of blood, as Zebel had unconsciously commanded the blood inside the girl's to do so.

Zebel had an extremely cool yet serious expression as his already crimson eyes started to shine with a bright red brilliance.

Right now, Zebel was able to clearly see the inside of the little girl's body. Her every organ, every single vein and their location along with their destination was visible to Zebel as clear as day!

Zebel calmly searched around inside her body for a while, before stumbling upon a few traces of ash that had mixed itself with the little girl's blood. Zebel followed the trails and found out that some of the ashes had gotten inside her organs, especially vital ones, causing her to slowly die...

Seeing this, Zebel humphed in disdain before slightly twitching his index finger that was jabbed inside the girl's chest. As soon as he twitched his index finger, the piles and traces of ash were discreetly lifted up and started to flow towards her chest. On it's way towards the girl's chest, the ash separated itself from the girl's blood and quickly reached it's destination, causing the ash to gush out from the girl's wound.

The girl suddenly jolted upwards and coughed as she tried to groan in pain, but Zebel quickly grabbed her in the head and pulled her towards himself. Zebel started to whisper into the girl's ears as a small trail of dark mist coiled around his hand and towards the girl's head.

"HuUuUusSHh, sSslEeP NoWw..."

Zebel's whispers echoed inside the head of the little girl as her vision spun around and changed color, quickly causing her to black out.

Zebel then gently placed her back on the ground while putting her head on his lap to be used as a pillow. He then reached towards the little girl's chest and gently pressed his index finger on top of the wound while whispering a few foreign words, which then caused blood to quickly seal up the wound while continuing it's circulation.

After all of this was done, Zebel sighed in a tired tone as he leaned back while being supported with one of his arms. He stayed in that position for a bit while staring up into the sky.

"How did I do that? I know that I am the Progenitor and I have some special abilities, but this was just too random, and sudden..." Zebel pondered as he thought about his previous actions and behaviors all made by pure instinct. He thought about the feeling he had when he was using his abilities, yet it had felt as if nothing had changed. The feelings he had during his actions were nothing special or grand, as it just felt normal, but with a hint of a weird feel...

After some time thinking, Zebel then slowly lifted his torso back up while groaning a bit. He then lazily looked down onto the sleeping girl on his lap, which made him chuckle as he gently rubbed her head while she slept, causing her to groan in satisfaction as her expression relaxed.

Seeing this, Zebel could not help but chuckle at her actions. He did not want to admit, but Zebel could not help but feel connected towards this child. He was sad that he had to tell her about the condition of her village and how there seemed to be no survivors...

Zebel quickly shook his head while his expression darkened as he started to talk to himself;

"What are you thinking about! Am I supposed to just take care of this child all by myself? Plus, what happens if there are other children or villages in need, huh? Am I going to just help out all of them?! Of course not!! So why do I have to be so concerned about her thoughts or whatnot, I'll just tell her what is what and that is it!"

Zebel was no hero and neither did he want to become one. All his actions will be decided by he himself, not some stupid creed or obligations! Yet, this does not mean that he HAD to turn a blind eye to each and every soul in need...

As Zebel was having this inner confusion, the little girl slept soundly on his lap as the time passed. The time passed and passed till it was morning, as the sun began to rise up once more...
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    《The Dark Progenitor》