The Dark Progenitor
1 You Died
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The Dark Progenitor
Author :LordAinzSama
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1 You Died

My name is Simon Madao, just your regular 12th grade high school loner who likes to monologue. My height is the same as that other guy you have seen before coming here, who has silver hair. He's called Ren Hotaru whom I think is an albino because of his pale skin and silvery white hair, but have suspicions because of his weak yellow eyes. Now I might have said that I was a loner, which I am, but I have to admit that Hotaru - san is my best friend!(And no, we will not exist in the same reality so if you are reading MY story then kiss that jackass goodbye and see him as pure fiction, the opposite is also advised, but if you decided to do the latter, then dafuq are you doing in my story gtfo!). I have brown eyes and a long brown curly hair which is a little bit long, which is pretty average but I dig it. Ren always refers to me as ''Browny'' which does get on my nerves but I would lie if I said that I did not find it hilarious at some times.

There is not a lot of things that you need to know about me. I have similar hobbies and interests just like Hotaru - san, hence the reason for the beginning of our friendship.

Right now I'm on my way to get the best 3-flavored ice cream box (chocolate/vanilla/strawberry) in the entire existence, and the price is pretty cheap! Best trade deal in the history of trade deals maybe ever if I do say so myself!

Anyways, I'll always stock up on that creamy goodness for my novel/anime sessions. It gives off a great flavor while you watch them legendary animations and stories ravel before you!

I'm nearing the supermarket as anticipation spreads over my body for my icy cream time! I max out the headphones cuz the soundtrack got really intense and I gotta get dem full experience.

''Mhmnn,... Wha-''

While I'm in my own world, a sense of pain and shock suddenly travels through my body for a second before my vision turns dark.

[Insert You Died Text Here] *get owned*










- Inside nowhere and everywhere at the same time -

"mHmmGhh.... what the fuck?" I looked around as I muttered.


As soon as I uttered those words, a super bald old man with a long white beard wearing white cloth appeared in front of me.

[A Wild %$#^£*/ Has Appeared!}]

Simon: ''....what the fu-''

"You've come to your senses, boy?" said the old man before me.

"Are you fully awake now?..... I would appreciate it if you could respond to me...."

"Ah … yes I was just shocked by your sudden appearance and.... wait, where the fuck am I?

[ Insert I am God and you have died cliché ]

"No need to be stiff, i kind of dislike that. Come and take a sit." Beckoned the old man while pointing at the sofa he just poofed opposite of him.

Simon sat down and gave a tired sigh. Then suddenly, in front of him poofed a simple wooden table with a wooden teacup with an aromatic tea on it that smelled like gummy bears. (Possibly from Ireland)

I tried to introduce myself;

''R-right.... I'm Simon, Simon Mada-

''I know who you are, boy. I just told you that I was God...''

Simon: '' o-oh right.... sorry?''

God: '' It is okay my boy! It is understandable for you to still be in a little shock.''

Simon chuckled a bit before slowly reaching out for the teacup and sipping a little tea while God just waited for him to get a bit relaxed.

After a small silence, Simon managed to finally come to terms with his death and asked;

"So what do I do now? Am I supposed to stay here for eternity or just...slowly disappear?"

God turned his head left to right as a 'No' gesture and said;

"No my boy, although you can't be revived back on your previous planet because of my heavenly laws, I can still tweak around and give you a chance to reborn in another world."

Hearing his response, Simon's dweeb-o-meter reached maximum as he started shouting with a hyped expression;

"Another world!, Y-you mean just like those in anime and light novels where sword and magic as well as all crazy and super abilities and different races exist!?!"

God cleared his throat before continuing;

"*Ahem* Yes my boy, basically you can choose any world you wish for there are different possibilities in each and every world! For example this world doesn't have any magical energy, and instead it has an advance technology. There is a world where people strive to become the best pirate! I do not know why but there is also a world where a ninja brat is screaming everywhere about him becoming an... *Ahem* 'Hoka-gay'.... such a shameless brat! BUT, returning to our subject at hand, simply tell me what kind of world would you like to go and this old man will take care of it for you!"

he finished with an ''All-Might'' laughter.

After nearly 5 minutes of thinking, Simon comes back into reality with smile on his face.

''I want to reincarnate into a world of sword and magic with various races!''

he shouts as he throws his arms up in the air

"Alright my boy, let's go" the god said as he suddenly grabed Simon's arm and disappeared from their initial place as they instantly poofed inside a new room.

Before Simon could react, God quickly started speaking;

"Well then my boy, now we will begin with the process of customizing you! First, we will begin with picking your race. Inside the world I am going to send you, there are a total of 10 main races; Human, Dwarf, Beast-Man, Elf, Titan, Orc, Fairy, Angel, Devil, Dragon. Which one would you like to be?"

Simon: ''Wow... so many choices... w-wait a minute, what did you mean by 'main' races?'' he asked with a confused and curious expression.

God chuckled before replying;

"Because the main races have sired a lot of other sub races. For example. Beast-Man have different variants like fox people and bear people. They also have reptile clans which consist of snake, or lizard people. There are also Orc variants consist of Goblins, Orcs, Ogres, Minotaurs and the like. Also Fallen Angels, Semi Titans, yada yada. You get my point, don't you my boy?"

Simon: "I see.... it is indeed intriguing, but shouldn't the race 'Vampire' supposed to be one of the main races? I-I mean they are pretty strong and overpowered... or are they weak here..."

"Hm? Vampires you say. You may not know this my boy, but Vampires are not exactly a 'real' race. It was you humans that fictionalized and created such a race.''

After hearing God's answer, Simon was pretty bummed out, because now he won't be able to become a badass blood-bending and noble looking cool ass vampire he always fantasized about.

Seeing Simon's sad expression, God suddenly had an idea and he spoke as he snapped his fingers;

'' AHA! *Snap*. Simon my boy, I have a proposal for you! If you so wish, I can make you the first vampire ever in the entire existence, the progenitor of vampires so to speak. Of course I will also give you extra skills and abilities that you wish, because of being the first of your kind. How about it my boy? "

He then started to do the All-Might laugh while Simon's world started to lit up and shake.

Simon quickly exclaimed while jumping around;


Seeing Simon hyped like this, God laughed even more.

After some time later, God asked Simon about his ideas about the abilities.

Hearing God ask about the abilities, Simon was about to burst open and spew the first shit that came on his mind. But just before he could shout it out, his mind quickly shifted into overdrive and exclaimed that he should seriously think this out, as this was going to affect his life in a serious manner.

So Simon started to think and wonder about what kind of ability he should wish. He needed something that would benefit him in the longer term. He asked God if the Vampire race was going to have it's racial perks and abilities such as blood stuff and advanced mastery which God confirmed.

Simon took his innate abilities into consideration and continued to think;

''Vampire... I will have a lot of pros such as vampiric abilities and advanced mastery... But Vampires also have some annoying cons, such as a lot of weakness to the sun and onion and holy water...etc..... So maybe I should ask God to remo-… Wait! Wait a second... what if I.....

"God, I will choose to become the Vampire Progenitor. And for my wish, I wish to have... YOUR BLESSINGS!!! To be precise I wish to be permanently be blessed by you with no way of reversion, so not even you should be able to remove the blessing. Also the blessing will be a part of my soul and not just cover me like other boosting blessings!

Hearing Simon's request, God was surprised, but quickly understood what the rascal was up to.

God: ''Hohoo... I see what you are trying to do you sneaky skeever. You could have simply wished to not have those cons of Vampires removed, yet you chose my blessing to simply remove all cons altogether and even gain boosts. Pretty clever if I do say so myself... Hahahaha! Tell me my boy, how did you come up with the conclusion to ask for my blessing?''

God asked in a cheerful yet curious manner.

Simon happily replied;

''At first I thought that since I will become it's primogenitor I shouldn't have those weaknesses. So I was going to wish for the removal of the cons. But then a thought struck my mind, If I were to be blessed by the ONE who created ALL, wouldn't I be automatically be immune if not resistant towards any of my previous cons. Also receiving unexpected boosts would not be a bad thing either!

"Hmm… Granted! I will make it so that you won't be affected by your vampire cons. BUT! The other benefits of my blessing will not immediately unlock, but will progress along with your growth. How about it my boy? " God said with an amused manner.

"Of course sir! I accept whole-heartedly!" Simon replied with a happy tone before adding;

'' If possible I would also like to have complete control over my spawns if necessary. Also I would like to fully control the pros and cons over my vampire spawns. Also the cons will naturally be applied only to those half blooded vampires not to those of pure blood and for a person to become a pure blooded vampire they must be bitten/converted by me."

"Alright then my boy, I will give you the blessing now" God said as he pointed at Simon's forehead.

Then suddenly, a beam of light shot out from God's finger as it quickly entered Simon's forehead and completely disappeared.

Simon was a bit surprised by this action as this caused him to be struck with a headache that quickly grew more serious.

Simon clutched his head as he passed out...





After some while, Simon came to himself and groaned as he slowly got up from the floor.

He saw God, sitting in front of him on a wooden chair while sipping some tea.

Seeing that Simon finally woke up, God just poofed away the chair and the tea. He then pointed towards Simon as the latter quickly levitated upwards before being put down on his feet in a gentle manner.

[Insert amazement and what the hell happened dialogue]




After they talked a while, and Simon used his remaining wishes to wish that no one other than him would get God's blessing and with his other wish he wished that his wishes would not be able to get reversed or conflicted by any other wish other than his own, and even then he would get a warning about the conflict and contradiction of his wishes. God then nagged and stated Simon that he was way too greedy and selfish, but accepted his wishes anyways.

God then turned towards Simon once more and asked;

'' So my boy, you have asked for your race, wishes and abilities. All that's left for you to do is to create your new appearance! Hahahaha, consider it a gift from your God to his herald!

Simon started to get excited as he thanked God a bunch of times before starting to customize his appearance;

He made his hair a bit wavy/spiky/fierce and long till it reached his backside, his hair color turned darker than black but it had a hue of blood red, making it glow crimson from time to time.

His claw like nails turned pitch black while his skin grew paler yet did not give off a sickly pale look, instead it gave the opposite impression.

Simon obviously made his eyes blood crimson with slit black pupils resting inside the crimson glow.

He then made himself taller and more muscular, adding even more fierceness on his perfect body with an intimidating height and six packs upon six packs. His body was also rid of any excessive fat and defects while his face became something that even the most handsome man would be jealous about.

He lastly created the perfect chin and tampered with his ding dong *who wouldn't? Am I right hahaa gimme high five.... n-no?.. o-okay.....*

Simon then told God that he was finished and did not need anything else to customize or edit as he was satisfied with his work.

God gave a nod before saying;

''What else would you even need to customize, you even gave yourself the Divine Blade Dixcalibur!''

Simon laughed before shouting;


''TELE-POOAAAAAAAAART!!!'' *imagine a serious yet hilarious God pose and expression with hands coming down from upside.*

He was quickly cut off by God as he quickly sent Simon on his merry way towards the new world with a beam of light!
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    《The Dark Progenitor》