The Brilliant Fighting Master
1728 A Swordmanship Competition
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1728 A Swordmanship Competition

Chu Tianhe felt sadder than Qiu Li, but he was also more rational.

Seeing how confident Jiang Chen was, his experience taught him that this young man either had powerful connections or was simply stupid. And, from what he had observed so far, it wasn't the latter.

However, as the Grand Supreme Elder of the Heavenly Ease Sword School, he certainly couldn't be intimidated so easily. Besides, they were in the Green Field, where the Heavenly Ease Sword School was very powerful.

No matter what connections Jiang Chen had, he wasn't afraid of teaching the young man a lesson.

"A Sword Comes from the West!" Chu Tianhe was more decisive than anyone had realized. The minute that Jiang Chen had demonstrated his attitude, Chu Tianhe threw over his sword.

He might look old, but his strength seemed bottomless. His attainments in swordsmanship approached the guru level.

His starting sword movement was magnificent. His sword energy seemed as if it could overturn the entire sky.

"The Heavenly Ease Sword School is named after the Heavenly Ease Sword Doctrine. The sword doctrine contains wind force, mountain force, sea force, and heaven force."

"Each force represents a different aspect of the sword doctrine."

"What Chu Tianhe had practiced in the beginning was the wind force, but he'd completely comprehended that sword doctrine when he was about 50, so then he'd moved to the mountain force. At that time, he stopped appearing before people and, from that day to this, he has been practicing in seclusion."

"This sword movement that he has used today demonstrates the characteristics of the sword doctrine of the Heavenly Ease Sword School perfectly."

Many of the onlookers in the city had been amazed by his sword movement.

Yao Qing looked extremely proud. She thought to herself, "The elder's sword doctrine has achieved level four, and it is at its peak. If he achieves level five, he will be at the doorstep of a Godlike sword doctrine."

Facing this powerful sword attack, Jiang Chen stayed calm. Lights flashed in his eyes.


He pointed the Heaven-Punishing Sword up. An Immortal Sword Spirit broke out. In front of all the onlookers, the Ultimate Sword Soul was demonstrated.

It immediately outplayed Chu Tianhe's sword movement.

Many of the people watching turned pale.

"A flawless Sword Soul, perfect in every sense?" Yao Qing was shocked.

For Martial Arts Saints, a Martial Soul was not an unusual thing anymore. However, once one's Martial Soul had been decided upon, it was impossible to change it.

Even though she was already a titled martial arts practitioner, Yao Qing's Sword Soul still had one missing piece. This was something that had always been a sorrow for her.

"A sword doctrine driven by thunder is after all not the correct path. How could the great force of sword be given full play by simply relying on the energy of the universe? It's just impossible."

Chu Tianhe was surprised to see the Ultimate Sword Soul intertwined by lightning and thunder, and he shook his head to express his dismissal of it.

"Yeah? Try this blow."

Jiang Chen felt weird. Sitting in a well looking at the sky, this old man had had a restricted outlook. All of his ideas were old-fashioned. He believed that the energy of lightning and thunder were not suitable for Martial Doctrines involved with weapons.

In most people's eyes, lightning and thunder should work with fist attacks and palm attacks. For example, the Thunder Dragon Fist Jiang Chen had exerted previously could give full play to holy thunder's power perfectly.

"Unique Theurgy: A Strike of Fast Thunders and Arc Lights!"

Jiang Chen had decided to show those with a restricted outlook what a stunning swordsman actually looked like.

A theurgy didn't seem to have anything to do with Martial Doctrine, but, in fact, the contrary was true.

Theurgies could show one's comprehensive abilities to the maximum extent.

If the Immortal Will had achieved level five, 80 percent of the power of A Strike of Fast Thunders and Arc Lights could be exerted. And it was inseparable from the Law of Thunder.

"What? That's impossible!"

Feeling the power of this sword attack, Chu Tianhe's facial expression kept changing. He simply couldn't believe what was happening to him.

"No way someone could master the Law of Thunder to such an extent. Even if there was someone who was able to accomplish this, they couldn't be so young."

Chu Tianhe was extremely shocked. Despite his disbelief, he had seen these facts with his own eyes.


Before Chu Tianhe could even begin to try to accept these new facts, Jiang Chen threw his sword over.

"Mountain Force, Defend!"

Chu Tianhe had been living for such a long time. Fighting had become an instinct for him over very many years. So, no matter how surprised he ever was, he made the most appropriate reaction automatically.

The Sword Energy Shield formed an oval around him. This shield was many times more solid than the Protective Dipper Energy.

"It's impenetrable!" Many people supposed that this was true, because Chu Tianhe was also an Extraordinary Supreme Venerable.

"If this had been me, I wouldn't have been able to handle this," Qiu Li thought.

He'd neither left nor had he joined in the fight. He was just watching the fight between Jiang Chen and Chu Tianhe.

People saw a moon-shaped sword radiance attack Chu Tianhe.


The sword radiance didn't seem very special, but it tore Chu Tianhe's Sword Energy Shield apart.

The minute the Sword Energy Shield had been broken, Chu Tianhe was forced to retreat. His Qi and blood were boiling.

"Gosh!" The witnesses all covered their mouths with their hands in horror.

"This man's sword doctrine is way better than Chu Tianhe's!"

"And there are so many thunders and lightnings. How does he control the furious Holy Thunder so well?" The same question arose in Chu Tianhe and Qiu Li's minds.

"Sirrah! Restrain yourself!"

Chu Tianhe's temper flared even brighter. An Immortal Sword showed up in his hands. He was going to have a good fight with Jiang Chen.

"Mountain Force, A Grand Sword!"

This time, the battle was for real. His robe was fluttering. His white hair was blowing in the wind. He really looked like an immortal being.

The Immortal Sword struck out at Jiang Chen. A Sword Realm was automatically formed where Jiang Chen was. An invisible energy shrouded him.

The threatening blade looked as if it were going to cleave Jiang Chen in four or even five parts.

"Ha, ha, ha, letting the sword lose its edge and injecting energy blindly in order to crack defenses, this is going too far indeed.

"What a pity. Before a real sword doctrine, this is only a small trick.

"The Seventh Movement of Azure Lotus: Sword Doctrine without Bounds."

Jiang Chen burst out laughing. He looked extremely heroic. Brandishing the Heaven-Punishing Sword, his true body exerted the unique movement of the ultimate-level sword method.

The Immortal Will turned into an infinite sea of swords. All the area within a range of 10,000 miles became a world of swords.

Everyone carrying a sword in the City in the Sky found their swords vibrating, emitting sword radiances excitedly.

"What sword doctrine is this? The Sword Doctrine of Killing, Passion, or Eternity? No, none of these!" Yao Qing lost her cool.

The Heavenly Ease Sword School had a 100-year-old history. Its sword doctrine was outstanding, but there was still a gap between it and the Four Greatest Sword Doctrines.

The Sword Doctrine of Immortality happened to be superior to the Four Greatest Sword Doctrines, so she only vaguely recognized some signs of the Sword Doctrine of Eternity.

"This is an ultimate-level sword method? He knows a unique theurgy and an ultimate-level sword method?"

Chu Tianhe turned serious. He'd read Jiang Chen's sword formula before the results of this blow exchange had come out. He was going to exert a unique movement as well.

"Mountain Force, Earth's Pole!"

A Sword Spirit as phenomenal as Jiang Chen's surged out.

"Senior Chu, let me help you!"

Seeing Chu Tianhe struggling, Qiu Li knew it was time to act. Generally speaking, swordsmen were too proud to accept others' help.

As expected, Chu Tianhe only threw him a glance, but didn't say anything.

"Magic Dragon's Three Transformations, Second Transformation!" Qiu Li shouted. He drew people's attention once again.

The dented Doomsday Magic Dragon Armor swelled out again. The sharp claws had not only recovered, but become even sharper. The boiling monster force was as wild as an ocean.


One of the Half-Monsters' advantages was that they didn't need much time to accumulate force. Making up his mind, Qiu Li rushed at Jiang Chen with threatening gestures like a magic dragon.

"Strike!" Chu Tianhe threw his sword over toward Jiang Chen at the same time.

Facing two great Extraordinary Supreme Venerables, Jiang Chen looked like a small boat sailing alone in the sea under an enormous storm, vulnerable and on the verge of wrecking.

"Get lost!"

However, as soon as the Heaven-Punishing Sword fell, the small boat turned into a giant prehistoric beast, majestic and powerful.

Qiu Li and Chu Tianhe's aggressive attacks started to look more as if they were willingly putting their necks in a noose.



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